Depression Does Not Have To Be a Forever Illness


Depression does not have to be a forever illness, I have seen many people overcome it with great success.

With about 80% of the population being affected by Depression at some time in their lives, this is something that is worth understanding on the Mind, Body and Soul level.

Given that this is not a one dimensional illness it makes perfect sense to address depression from different levels and come to understand how we can use step by step changes to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

From my experience over the years depression is very much a state of mind, and of taking the vibration from the outside world and bringing that within.

This Leads To Thoughts Like :-

“What if they don’t accept me?”

“How can I go out there and do that?”

“I won’t let anyone see how I’m really feeling”

“I just can’t feel better when I’m feeling so low”

“I just can’t face the world right now”

Depression is very much about what we think and feel the world sees us as – putting pressure on ourselves to fit the mould when we know that we are different. Our vibration lowers, more and more, every time that we go down this thought spiral.

That is the whole point. We are all different, so unique in our own perfect way.

We are all perfectly imperfect, if we start filling up who we are from the inside, and start to care less about how others will see us, we will begin to see things in a clearer way – and this is where, and when, the changes happen.

Although it does not feel like it while we are going through this, it is about our vibration and how that disturbs our state of mind, in the ‘me – me vibration’ that affects the way that we think, and the conversations that we have with ourselves, on a minute by minute, day by day basis.

If we can just change the mindset to “I need to look within in order to see myself in this world differently” we can move forward, away from depression. How do we do this?

Raising our vibration is key! The higher the vibration, the lighter the thoughts. Lighter thoughts creates a different perspective.

With a more positive perspective, we naturally choose more positive thoughts. We then naturally, over time, choose to feel better.

How we feel, after all, is a choice that we make, we are all faced with this very choice each day.

Just a small shift in our vibration can make great changes – moving us up the emotional and vibrational scale, all the way from despair and depressed to hopeful and yes happy!

9 Steps To Think & Feel Your Way To A Higher Vibration

Meditation – 5 to 10 minutes of calm breathing, being with yourself with a clear mind, could make all the difference in your recovery. The health benefits are outstanding.

Meditation helps the mind, body and soul’s natural state of well being, it can help with almost any illness, not just for the mind. It raises the vibration to new highs to combat the low times.

Positive Mantras – These can be hard to focus on at first, but they raise your vibration fast, they switch that old tape that you play in your head to a positive one. “I am allowed to feel happy” is a great one for depression.

Laughter – find a funny show, or catch up with a friend and just have some laughs. Your laughter automatically gives your mind a rest. Distraction is great!

Dance and sing! – This is a great way to get happy quickly, it’s hard to stay in that lower vibration when you are active in a playful way.

Drink water – Flush out your body.

Do something nice for yourself each day – Think of something that you would do for a friend, if they were feeling this way. Go get a healing or a massage. This promotes self love and self esteem.

Go outside – Get a bit of sun while eating some fruits like pineapple and orange together. Its a great combination for feeling happy.

Exercise – Getting moving raises your vibration and switches on all of the feel good chemicals in the body. Yoga, walking, swimming anything that gets you moving is good.

Change your perspective – Look at yourself as someone who has much to offer, you’re just still finding out what that is. There is no hurry and no need for blame. Make a conscious choice to get yourself out of the blame game.

It’s amazing how quickly these changes will change your mindset, lift your vibration and set you on the path to recovery.

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Katherine Baldwin

Katherine Baldwin

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