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Healing Modalities

Healing Modalities

Which healing energy system or healing modality should you work with? How do you make that choice? There are many types of healing modalities in the world. Different modalities work for different people. Learn about healing modalities, protocols, techniques & methods.

Modalities range from working with the physical, emotional, spiritual and with your emotions. If you are looking for something that works for you, it is good to read about the healing modality and if you feel it resonates with you. Another great way is to ask a friend what worked for them. Then you can find a practitioner who resonates with you.

We have many experts who write for us here at Global Healing Exchange and in our Holistic Living Magazine about many different types of modalities. This would be a great place for you to start researching your healing journey, so you can find the right healing modality for you.

We hope you find what you are looking for here at Global Healing Exchange.

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