What Do Your Beliefs Say About You?


We need a solid foundation in life just like a tree has foundations. If a tree has solid foundations, it grows big and strong, if it does not have strong foundations, the tree is weak.

If we don’t have a solid foundation we won’t grow a solid, happy life.

The words we say to ourselves affect what we believe about ourselves and our beliefs lead to our behaviours. Our thoughts are our foundations. They become our beliefs.

You can tell what thoughts someone has about themselves as you can see it in their actions. If someone loves themselves, they will act loving towards themselves. If someone has self hatred, they will act hateful towards themselves.

So think about the words you say to yourself, how does that affect the way you behave towards yourself?

Do you act lovingly towards yourself? Do you eat good wholesome food? Do you get enough exercise? Do you spend quality time with your loved ones?

Do you get enough sleep? Do you give yourself time to rest? Do you allow yourself FUN in your life? If you answered YES to these then the words you say to yourself will be positive words.

Or do you act hateful towards yourself? Do you eat junk foods or over/under eat? Do you over/under exercise? Do you keep yourself away from your loved ones?

Are you rushing around at a million miles an hour constantly running on adrenaline? Do you find that you have no time for yourself? Do you allow yourself FUN in your life? If you answered NO to these then the words you say to yourself will be negative words.

Our subconscious mind is a faithful servant that we need to train. It wants to keep us safe. It is many times more powerful than our conscious mind, and if we let it, our subconscious mind will rule our life.

If we let this happen we will play small in life because our subconscious mind will keep us limited because it believes the negative things we say to ourselves.

If we do not train our subconscious mind it will make us live from the place of our limiting beliefs and negative self talk as this is the only way it knows.

It thinks it is protecting us, it believes EVERYTHING you tell it. It believes all of the negative things we have told it over the years and it acts from this place.

The way we run our life is so connected to the words we say. So how do we change our beliefs? We change the words we tell ourselves.

One way to create change is using affirmations. They help to reprogram your subconscious mind. When you start telling your subconscious mind positive things it will believe them.

Like we have practiced negative self talk over and over throughout the years, we can do the same with positive self talk too. It will take some time but as they say “practice makes perfect”.

Start to do affirmations daily. Start to make a change. Start to tell yourself POSITIVE things about yourself. Start to live the life you dream of.

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Sharon WhiteSharon White

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