Benefits Of Meditation For Stress Release From Your Life!


How can meditation benefit me, you may ask? Meditation is one of the most powerful and easy healing tools to learn.  It will allow you to manage/eliminate stress from your life, therefore feeling more positive, focused and centred so that you can make clear and confident decisions.

Meditation soothes calms and nurtures your emotional nature generating a deep sense of peace within yourself.

Meditation is an excellent adjunct to all other therapies and treatments you may receive. Meditation for anxiety and stress is a fantastic tool to learn.

Creative Visualisation is the type of meditation I deliver and is simple to learn, allowing you to use your imagination and the power of your mind in a positive and constructive way.

Creative visualisation is a type of meditation that does not encroach on anyone’s personal or spiritual beliefs.

Meditation allows you to target your goals and assist’s you in fulfilling any projects and deadlines that you are involved in.

The mind is very powerful so when experiencing deep relaxation during meditation you allow yourself to become in control of the mind rather than the mind be in control of you!

During times of stress and anxiousness we loose sight of our inner promptings – our intuitive guidance, this is when we may make the wrong decisions or become anxious and create self doubt within our self.

Meditation will center you, calm and relax you.

Busy lives keep us from tuning into our body and how it feels in the present along with our intuition the we simply forget how to use it!

When you take a guided journey through your body you allow your mind to tune into the sensitivities, feelings, emotions and any physical discomforts that maybe present.

You also develop a sensation for the subtle energy both within and around you, since all your senses become more activated.  You then allow every system in your body to take a well earned rest!

Meditation can be used to enhance and stimulate optimum health in conjunction with any other therapies that you are presently receiving.

It is without doubt – one of the greatest healing tools you will ever learn! Many people use meditation for stress release!

You will experience increased self-confidence, motivation, vitality, inner strength and ability to prevent external stress impacting on your life, improving both your physical and emotional health and well-being and generating vital energy!

People say they don’t have time to sit and be still for 15-20 minutes; well you will be truly amazed with how good you feel if you devote daily sessions into your busy schedule.

You will find anything you do; you will do better by meditating!

Positive outcomes are many, and you can learn to draw that which you desire into your life purely by visualization and using the power of your mind along with your intent whilst on a guided journey.

Here are some benefits you obtain from regular meditation.

The Positive Aspects For The Physical Body Are:

1. Assisting in lowering blood pressure and slowing down the cardiovascular system

2. Assisting in restoring balanced function to the digestive system allowing all nutrients to be absorbed more efficiently

3. Relaxing and nurturing entire nervous system

4. Assists in relaxing muscle tension

5. Diminishes intensity of some headaches/migraines

6. With practice can assist you in generating your own self healing to any part of the body where your intention is focused

7. Relieving insomnia

The Positive Aspects For The Emotional Body Are:

1. Freeing the mind from self doubts and internal chatter

2. Releasing fears

3. Releasing and resolving anxiety

4. Assisting with depression and generating optimism

5. Generating self esteem, confidence and motivation

6. Regaining your Inner Power and strengthening your Will

7. Instils patience, tolerance, self acceptance and self love

8. Releasing judgmental attitudes and thoughts

9. Releasing self doubts

10. Releasing anger, aggression and allowing the peace of love to flow into your life

11. Stimulating mental focus and clarity of mind.

12. Assists in grief and trauma generating emotional equilibrium

13. Allows you to reach a place within for forgiveness for self and others

The Positive Aspects For The Spiritual Body Are:

1. A deeper connection to a Higher Power/God/Spirit

2. A stronger connection and appreciation to all aspects of life and creation

3. Self Trust and Trust in the unknown – Higher Power

4. Stronger intuitive abilities

5. Receptivity to clear guidance from the subconscious mind, psychic awareness and channelling

6. Openness to inspirational ideas, thoughts and visions

7. A stronger sense of your own presence, life path and destiny

This type of meditation is often presented to executive and staff members of a number of companies to assist in stress management enabling them to be more productive, confident and experience clarity of mind with clear decision making.

The exercises or journeys as I like to call them can be for healing both physical and emotional.  They can assist in relationships whether, work colleagues, friends or intimate.

These journeys allow you to work more harmoniously with people in your life and to generate positive energy to every situation that you encounter.

They allow you to communicate at a deep level with another, in particular if you are afraid of expressing your true feelings.  They are simple and easy to learn and fun!

I often create a journey that is appropriate for the environment that people work in, i.e. specific deadlines, goals etc.

During the time that I have taught meditation using creative visualization I have received some wonderful feedback from people whose lives have been transformed!

It is tremendously rewarding to see the positive outcome each person experiences and know that they are equipped with the knowledge of a powerful yet gentle, healing tool for the rest of their lives.

Recently a woman met with me over her chronic insomnia and having tried many medications including sleep therapy advised me that meditation was what was finally helping her to sleep.

She has been diligently listening to a meditation CD that I have created for clients for anxiety and sleep problems and finds if she wakes in the middle of the night that by listening to the meditation journeys for just 5 minutes she promptly falls back to sleep again.

This woman’s health was deteriorating considerably due to constant broken sleep over many years.

Her anxiety over a past trauma deeply imbedded in the subconscious mind was causing her to constantly wake during the night.

By listening to a guided journey the sound of the voice and rhythm of the gentle music was nurturing and soothing allow her to relax and release her anxious state so that she could fall asleep without the need for pharmaceutical medication which produces side affects and is often addictive over time.

I recommend everyone to discover the type of meditation practice that is right for you and to incorporate it into your daily life to aid in maintaining optimum health, vitality, confidence and a sense of inner power.

I offer evening meditation classes each week and one to one private sessions which are catering for your specific needs at the time in line with an hourly to 2 hourly consultations.

Corporate meditation for stress management and learning how to use the power of the mind to focus on creativity, meeting deadlines, relationship/colleague dynamics and any health disorders including athletic performance and positive resolutions.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Lyn Craven

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