3 Powerful Herbs To Reduce Stress

Herbs To Reduce Stress

Many, if not all, ailments have a remedy, some of them are quick to show results, but come along with them are the plethora of side-effects. Chemical substances leave about a certain degree of abuse in our systems. Many of the external chemicals are foreign to our bodies. There are many herbs to reduce stress.

Therefore, it takes extra effort for our systems to flush out the toxins. Luckily, that is not the only way to manage health conditions. Many other alternative medications are equally beneficial and they do not take a toll on our systems.

Holistic healing is a well-rounded approach that considers different forms and approaches to healing the whole mind, body, and spirit. Apart from relieving a health issue, they also imbibe optimal wellbeing and restore the natural balance of the body.

Anyone who is suffering from stress, anxiety, and symptoms can find shelter under alternative medicines. Several powerful herbs are proven to diminish and even alleviate the impact of stressors and treat health issues that are either their cause or symptom.

Let us explore in detail, three powerhouse herbs that you can utilize to get away with your everyday stress and burnout. Who doesn’t want to know about herbs to reduce stress?

1.  Holy Basil

Holy basil has long been used in traditional Ayurveda to add positivity and longevity. Often worshipped, in south Asian countries, it is known as the Queen of herbs. No wonder, it comes with great enormity to handle stress, stressors, and anxiety.

Holy basil is also known as an adaptogen, reduces psychological instability, and promotes balance and calmness. Its leaves have multiple benefits like, creating mental balance and improving cognitive function at the same time, they do not overstimulate the brain.

The phytochemicals present in the holy basil reduce cortisol levels hence can work as a mood enhancer.

What Science Says About Holy Basil:

Holy basil is found to reduce many kinds of stress. It can detoxify the body against the chemical stress that comes from air pollutants and heavy metals. Also, it can wave off physical stress that occurs due to common cold and exertion.

One may also find this herb particularly calming when environmental stress such as physical noise becomes a stressor.

Recommended in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), studies have found it to have curtailed the intrusive thoughts from memory.

How To Add Holy Basil To Your Life:

  • You can make tea from fresh leaves.
  • It can be dried and consumed as a powder.
  • In the form of capsules.
  • You can add basil leaves to cooking recipes and sauces.

2.  Cannabis

Cannabis has been a part of ancient treatment and history. Recently its legalization has led researchers and scientists to look for its use in modern medicines.

Many of these studies have shown a positive outcome, gladly the CBD compound in cannabis has more than one potential use in treating brain disorders including stress and anxiety.

It does not show any psychoactive properties and rather calms down a series of stress inducers from simple physical stressors such as inflammation and pain.

Also, it is competent in treating the more complex issues such as, digestive stress and sleeplessness causing mental stress and anxiety that may ultimately lead to eating disorders and insomnia.

It may also enhance brain receptivity toward serotonin which is the happy hormone responsible for the good feeling.

What Science Says About Cannabis

Studies show that CBD can help people suffering from anxiety issues such as Social anxiety Disorder (SAD). CBD, along with other cognitive behavior therapy, can give positive benefits and help recover patients better.

How To Add Cannabis To Your Life

  •  In the form of tinctures
  •  As sublingual drops
  •  It can be used in cooking and baking.

3.  Lemon Balm 

Belonging to the mint family, this citrusy plant is also known to show nervine properties. Nervine brings a calming effect, it brings relaxation and induces sleep. It helps in battling insomnia and balance fatigue.

Lemon balm promotes a sense of balance hence its essential oil can reduce mood disorders. It curbs down stress responses and lets the body to the resting phase; therefore, its consumption can help in muscle relaxation too.

What Science Says About The Lemon Balm

Studies show that lemon balm Increases GABA activity in the human brain. GABA is the neurotransmitter that brings balance and control over activities in the brain and helps in reducing stress.

How To Add Lemon Balm To Your Life

  • In the form of Tea
  • In Cooking
  • As Water infusion

Grabbing a cup of herbal tea might look like a trivial solution for something as depleting as stress, however, some herbs work like magic. In many cases, patients feel immediate relief.

Dealing with stress can be challenging, and one might not prefer harsh medication that makes one lethargic, a herb shows minimum side-effect and boost energy levels.

Some acute stress conditions might even take months to heal. If you do not observe any relief in your situation, once you have tried the herbs to reduce stress, you may contact a holistic practitioner for better solutions.

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