Blessed Are The Weirdos


Blessed are the weirdos” I say. Blessed are those of us who were ostracized, demonized and separated out as ‘different’ than the norm.

Blessed are all those whose gentle souls could not and can not suffer the face of war, hate, petty tyranny, vengeance, cliquish groups, toxic foods, racist, sexist and classist oppression, natural resource pillaging and nonsense politicking.

As a child I, like so many now awakening, was given derogatory monikers like ‘weirdo,’ ‘freak’, ‘strange’ and ‘difficult non-conformist’ by peers, teachers and even some family members.

Fortunately I found an occasional ‘freak’ like me here and there as I grew. Still, it wasn’t an easy road back then. And for many still, the road remains difficult, with conformity in the name of ‘normalcy’ encroaching into even our most intimate spaces.

It would have been an easier childhood and young adulthood if I could have fit in. But today, I think otherwise. No matter the ostracizing, bullying, and over-self-consciousness I went through, I wouldn’t change one darn thing about me then – or now.

Now, I’m the one feeling free, without fear, full of hope and clarity of mind – at a time that may well be the beginnings of our planet’s greatest darkness.

Why? Because I – we – know the truth of who we are. We freaks and weirdos with hearts of compassion are, in fact, the way showers. And it is we who will guide humanity back to the light of a greater sanity.

Had we been ‘normal’, we’d now be lost in a miasma of fear, a la-la land of TV stupor, or prescription drug pain.

Blessed are we, the ‘weirdos’ I say, for those who labeled us such have only done so from a place of fear, ignorance and the deep sleep of an enslaved consciousness.

If you resonate with what I’m saying, know that you are a part of the ever-growing group of healers healing themselves for the betterment of all.

You are on a healing journey which is much, much larger than your personal pain. It is a journey that will aid the entire human race and moreso – the entire Earth.

Know that all you do in an effort to heal yourself spiritually, mentally and physically serves the greater good because when you are happy, worry-free, healthy and whole, you bring that gift to all others.

So as my favorite astrologer, Benjamin Bernstein likes to say, “let your freak flag fly” brothers and sisters! Know your are blessed and let the power of your healing heal all!

Does this message ‘speak’ to you? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below icon smile Blessed Are The Weirdos Healers Healing The World

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Dawn DelVecchio

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