Beliefs. Are They Set In Stone?

Beliefs. Are They Set In Stone?

Alohaaa! I’m writing some of this month’s article about beliefs, from the beautiful location of the Hawaiian Islands. I’ve had the absolute privilege to feel the love that exudes from these people that have such a long deep tie to spirit.

They are respectful, they have learned many beliefs about their land, culture and ancestors. I’ve listened to guides that share stories about how the sky, islands, water, stars, moon and sun were created.

Tradition and cultures hold many beliefs. These have been passed down through many generations, with many stories and their beliefs and values about life, myths, and spirit.

Way of Thinking : What Are Beliefs & Values?

What determines your beliefs? A simple question, but one that can have such have a monumental effect in response! What are beliefs?

We are hearing this more and more in our lives, because we realise who we are comes from how we were brought up, by the people around us, our parents, family etc. and how they influenced our lives.

The beliefs that we hold in our consciousness are literally shaping our realities every single moment.

Everything that you do from people, places and interactions are merely a reflection of the vibration that you are offering to the universe and what is bought up from your subconscious beliefs.

We are amazing beautiful vessels that hold and carry our souls throughout life.

You create your own universe as you go along” ~ Winston Churchill

When you dive in deeply, and you consciously examine the beliefs that you have around certain universal themes, you have a miraculous opportunity to remove any blocks that might be standing in between your hindering patterns and achieving your dreams.

The things that you currently have in your life are because of the value you place on those things. As the saying goes, ‘energy flows where attention goes’.

More than likely if something isn’t working for you, then you haven’t been giving it the positive love and energy that it requires in order to thrive.

The True You

Your belief systems are a fundamental key to understanding who you are, what family values are and how you connect and receive communication about yourself. These are our truths, what you believe to be true about yourself. There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, it just is.

When you live an experience of happiness, joy, peace, love, your soul grows, it blossoms.

When someone tells a story or lies about something, it’s not possible to make it a truth because it hasn’t been experienced.

If you share that lie and embellish it by changing the truth and you have to recall it, you don’t have the capacity to know that truth because you really didn’t live it, it’s not part of the true you.

Yet some people are not aware of their existence (beliefs) and never give a thought about them, and this is what shapes your world around you.

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We Are Programmed To Receive

Your core beliefs are what you assume to be your reality. Your truths.

Childhood conditioning or programming is important, in that a child has this ability of soaking up (like a slurpee sponge) words, actions, emotions and this shapes what they become and what they believe. What a joy to watch toddlers grasping new experiences and seeing the exhilaration on their faces.

Everything is done in bewilderment and pure love.

Look at a child, their mind is untainted, it’s open to receive everything as that experience and integrate their learning to be part of their life.

A negative belief can be unconsciously locked within your subconscious mind, and will be consciously attracted to your experiences to let you know the belief exists. Not everyone’s beliefs are the same and we don’t attract the same circumstances into our energy.

An example of a negative belief can be the belittling words from a teacher who ridicules a child and tells them they are stupid and they should keep their opinions to themselves!

This negative belief can develop into, ‘Well I’ll just keep that to myself because no one will listen to what I have to say”, or when a parent uses the, ‘A child should be seen and not heard’ scenario, this can be turned into a belief of not being valued or a feeling of, I’m not worthy.

Who didn’t have this experience bought to them when they were bought up?

Our Belief System Changes As We Evolve

As we grow, and search within, our soul knows exactly who we are. It’s learning to reprogram those beliefs and let go of what isn’t helping you to live spiritually as the authentic you.

For me I know within my soul, my deep utter beliefs have changed and I’m so different now. I can see it so clearly, and as mentioned, I was not aware of their existence before. I’m releasing so much from what I believed, whilst growing up and it really doesn’t fit with who I am today.

When profiling a client with the Forensic Healing System we test for one (1-18) of the Negative Belief System categories. It’s surprising how this stands out when a client assesses their life, recalling from childhood, it can reflect how this has had an impact on them emotionally.

If you feel you are being held back in life through your belief systems, to releasing and reprogramming your new beliefs, I love to share this deep gratifying healing system with you.

~ When we live in the power of love, then and only then will we know the truth ~

Forensic Healing – How To Change Your Core Beliefs

Forensic Healing is a proven therapy system superior to all healing modalities, because it:

  • Profiles the client, identifying negative life patterns, archetypes, emotions, belief systems, and much more.
  • Clears curses, negative energies, rituals, and many other spiritual issues.
  • Activates spontaneous healing forces in the body for immediate changes.
  • Removes the negative conditioning stored in the DNA or cell memory.
  • Uses healing secrets from ancient healing scripts combined with the most-advanced scientific methods.
  • Utilizes healing pathways that use physical, emotional, energetic or spiritual elements.
  • Heals deeply at a soul level by targeting soul facets, fragments, DNA etc.
  • Places a blessing on the client at the end of a healing.
  • Educates and empowers the client to understand themselves so they leave with new information to progress in their life.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

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