NEW Mirror Image? Believe It!

Believe It

I will believe it when I see it.” How many times have you heard someone say this statement or maybe you have even thought it for yourself about a person, situation or something in life? This concept comes from a totally disempowered place.

“Only when something outside of myself shows me something different will things become better”. How many times has a person or situation ever “changed” or proven you wrong? Likely, not too many.

As with many of the common expectations we put upon the world and our lives, for example the notion of needing physical proof of change in something outside of ourselves first, we get back to front.

The world is a mirror or our internal reality. You can’t change what you are seeing in the mirror by cleaning the mirror – e.g. we need to wash our face so then the reflection we see looks different.

We can only experience what we desire in our life (or, on a larger scale, the world) when we create the change within and believe it to be so first. First comes belief, then reality follows.

It starts within us and then materializes into the physical. Thought then thing. An architect imagines what they want to create, draws up blueprints, then builds it. Only then does it actually “become real”. This hierarchy is the same for everything.

Believe It …Then You Will See It!

We live in a world of creation, free will and choice (conscious or otherwise) which underpins what is created – always. The outcome of this is our life and experiences within it.

Understanding the vital role our beliefs serve in this creation, how they work, and how we can use them to experience a higher quality existence is absolutely the KEY.

If we aim to create from a point of conscious empowerment rather than unconscious victimhood, we truly can have the best life possible – NOW.

Are you experiencing your “best life”? Is everything in your life the way you truly desire it to be? To move from where you are to where you want to be may be as simple as changing what you believe.

Have you ever thought of what is going on in your life right now – whether it’s “good” or “bad,” as the reflection of a belief you hold? Have you ever wondered why you believe what you do, or thought about how your beliefs have an effect day to day?

Like an architect, ultimately, you are what will create. You can create anything in your life by understanding and utilizing different beliefs for what they are – tools to comprehend and directives to create.

A belief itself is benign, a chain of thoughts concluding a predictable outcome in service of the mind. “This is a hat” “this is hot” etc. A belief is an instrument used so the mind can understand what is what.

It is a type of data that validates itself via reflective self-perpetuation. Because I believe this, I will see and seek only that which proves myself right – I am this and so IT is. Have you heard the saying, “to a hammer, everything is a nail?”

By nature, a belief can only “see” itself and things around it, respond in relation to what it is. Everything around it must validate whatever the belief is by necessity for it to even exist.

Another way to explain this is to see a belief like a coloured lens, everything becomes the colour of the lens (belief) as this is the filter which we see through.

So, no matter what, if you believe it, you will see it. What “belief lens” are you looking through? And are you curious about what things might look like through a new set of beliefs?

“I will always be loved.” “I will never be loved.” “Life just isn’t fair.” “Everything happens in service of the greater good.” “Everyone is always here to support me.” “No one supports me.” “The world is coming to an end.”

“The world is changing for the better.” These are all just beliefs – try them on or take them off. You can see them in your life when you subscribe to them and can change your subscription at any time.


Like a programmed computer, we have sets of beliefs formatted into folders in our brain about every facet of life – relationships, finances, health, work, etc. These folders contain the information we have recorded through life exposure – be it inherited or constructed.

If these folder contents are updated, new data can be accessed (resulting in new, different, and likely better experiences). If not, we will simply be restricted to old data and only be capable of recreating what has been experienced in the past.

You may have heard people talk about how we repeat patterns until we “learn the lesson” – maybe the biggest lesson is to look inside for a new belief programme when we are stuck. Trust that you have the answers within you. You just find them.

All For One & One For All?

We are all living inside of the cumulated construct of our collective beliefs systems and individually within a map created by our point of focus inside of these.

If we ever want to see or experience a different reality, the only place to go is INSIDE each of our mindscapes. Shifting your point of focus gives you….

You can read the FULL version of this article in our quarterly eZine, ‘Holistic Living Magazine,’ look for Edition 9 on this archive page.  There’s many more articles about beliefs waiting for you too!

Kylie Bryan – Kinesiology Expert

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