A Healthy Mindset. You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have


Today’s gyms are loaded with people desperately trying to transform their sagging bottoms, beer bellies, chunky cheeks and flabby triceps into a beautiful, slim, sexy work of art worthy of adorning the cover of the latest fitness magazine.

However, while many people are still going to the gym to achieve their goals, increasing numbers of people are turning to hormonal trickery, metabolic stimulants, and surgical procedures (sucking, tucking, stapling and augmenting) to achieve the look they want.

By comparing the escalating rates of obesity and degenerative disease today with that of our ancestors, it is obvious that what we are doing presently isn’t working for us – namely diet, exercise and lifestyle factors.

So, what do we need to do to look and feel good for the long run? It all begins in the mind! That’s right. You’ve got to WANT to be healthy. Diet and lifestyle begins by making the right choices.

If you’ve ever been in real, uncultivated nature, you can see that there is a natural, spiritual order to the way living organisms thrive. Comparatively, humans also thrive in an environment that caters to their physical, nutritional and mental well-being.

But because our “natural” environment has become so polluted and disengaged, we have come to live in an unnatural, un-spiritual environment! How do we get back to the basics of thriving, not merely surviving, in our modern world?

Well, if your desire for change isn’t greater than your resistance to change, change will not happen for you. You may as well stop reading now, have another donut, and pop a Prozac for good measure!

In the search for meaning, for understanding and for success in all things, we have peered through microscopes, mastered dissection, become specialized to the point that there is an expert for every part of the body in any major hospital and a machine for every part of the body in any major gym.

We have made massive gains in technology in the past 100 years while striving to win the war against disease and gain health.

But as we step back for a moment to tabulate the score, we see unhealthy adults and a growing number of children walking around, void of any type of mind-body connection to Mother Earth and all the wealth she offers.

It Looks Something Like This:

  • Chronic diseases = all time high, more per capita than ever!
  • Orthopedic injuries in the work place = all time high, more than ever!
  • Orthopedic injuries in sport = all time high, more than ever before!
  • People in the gym exercising regularly, yet turning to chemical stimulants, steroids and futile slimming schemes after months, even years in the gym = all time high, more than ever before!
  • Gains in health and vitality among society as a whole = 0!
  • Increase in lifespan in the past 100 years of our technological boom = 1 – 1.5 years [when adjusted to compensate for those saved by emergency medicine, those that would have otherwise died at birth, and those living on life support or being kept alive, where nature would surely have activated the decomposers].

Are we too close to the trees to see the forest as we look through our microscopes? Are we so isolated in the modern approach to exercise that the parts often look better, but function worse, having lost integration with the whole?

Have we broken the whole-foods of Mother Nature into such microscopic parts in search of enzymes, vitamins, fats, minerals, amino acids and other micronutrients that we no longer have food?

People are eating more than ever, yet there is record obesity among these people who are literally starving for nutrition!

Maybe now is a good time to stand back, way back, and look at the whole, before it’s too late to dig ourselves out of the hole we’ve created in the name of science and technology!

From a physics point of view, we are a collection of about 100 trillion cells. Each cell is a collection of molecules, which is in turn a collection of atoms, of which about 99.999% is space.

While it is known that every atom in the Universe has the ability to send and receive information, communicating with any and potentially all other atoms in the Universe, it is also known that atoms are energy.

Thus, it is very safe to say that aside from being predominantly space, you are energy. Moreover, many ancient philosophers and Yogis stated as far back as six thousand years ago that we were beings of light, which in turn is energy.

Anytime you come into close proximity with another person, if your battery is lower than theirs, you will immediately begin to draw their energy.

In essence, you become the negative pole of the field created by any person with greater vitality than yourself, and they become the positive field.

Energy flows from positive to negative! People have an innate ability to sense this energy draw when they are working with a tired trainer, coach or therapist. Lack of clientele for otherwise very professionals is common among the smart “tired” types.

Such people are often referred to as “negative attractors” or “energy drainers!” Therefore, the first step to be taken on the path to the life you want is to elevate your vitality.

As our bodies become progressively less healthy and more toxic, our ability to receive Soul information and Spiritual nutrition diminishes, as does our ability to have outward  communications.

The holistic view of any human being is respectful of the fact that while we are Soul/Spirit beings, we both inhabit animal-like bodies as vehicles of expression, and possess a spiritual connection to something greater than that physical body.

By embracing the holistic view, we can rise above our animal instincts, drives and behaviors, focusing on our ability to love more unconditionally, communicate effectively, and become more creative.

It is VERY important for each of you operating as a professional in any service profession to realize that without saying a single word, your body posture, your movements and your energetic tone are already conveying an education to your clients at an energetic, conscious and subconscious level.

In other words, the choices you have made to become you are literally influencing everyone around you, like it or not!

The true vitality and expression of life-force is initially expressed as well-being through a consistent display of such traits as happiness, good energy, clarity of thought, an obvious presence of vitality, and living with purpose.

Knowing this, and the fact that each of us is a physical-emotional-mental-spiritual being, you should approach your goals from an aspect of both physical well-being and mental-spiritual awareness.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Copyright – 2009 Paul Chek

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