Ayurveda/Herbal Energetics

Ayurveda Herbal Energetics

Ayurveda means “The Science of Life” and therefore the science of herbal energetics. This is an ancient system used to determine the qualities and powers of herbs used in accordance with the laws of nature.

Herbs are selected for your individual needs along with your constitution type. The three main constitution types being Kapha, Vata and Pitta. Assessment of a person’s constitution is ascertained during a consultation.

The energetic activity behind these principles and constitutional types helps in selecting appropriate remedies for the person.

I often incorporate the principles above in line with ancient Galenical philosophies for Western herbal medicine pertaining to constitutional types such as:

Air – being sanguine – hot and moist

Water – being phlegmatic – moist and cold, Kapha

Earth –  being melancholic – cold and dry

Fire –  being choleric – dry and hot

People can be combination’s i.e. Vata/Pitta or Kapha/Pitta or even Vata/Kapha

Skinny/slim people who are very active are often more Vata types – prone to gastrointestinal problems and nerve-based disorders.

A true Vata can race around like a “chuck with no head” appear to have lots of energy through the day with over active mind, yet begin to wilt by 9 or 9.30pm! They are not stayers!

Average build/slim people with a lot of energy and drive are often Pitta types – they often crave spices, but should not over indulge here. The energy levels are often more balanced here whereby Pitta’s can keep going longer than Vata’s. They can experience indigestion.

Kapha types are often heavier/obese people – they plod along, they can keep going much longer than the other types, “steady as she goes” – they often take longer to recover from respiratory disorders and produce mucous.

Many other attributes and issues connected to the above three major constitutions in Ayurvedic philosophies – especially if they are combinations.

These constitutional types are even taken on board with Polarity therapy during hand placement on the body. By correct hand placement, you can balance the energy flow between the elements and physiology of the body.

All this information allows me to ascertain the correct remedies whilst taking on board the full case history the person shares with me relevant to their present health disorder.

By being aware of the above philosophies and teachings and intertwining the knowledge, the practitioner can have a broader awareness and develop a keener diagnosis and intuition as to the healing regime that can help the person.

All plants absorb the energy of the sun and therefore in turn, bring to us the healing energy power of the sun along with all the nutritional and mineral content it absorbs from the earth. Nature provides an abundance of healing in Gods Garden for all.

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