Message From The Whispers In The Winds: A New View For The World

A New View For The World

It has come to be that most see the world in a linear manner.  A polarity based duality that is purely analytical, competitive in nature and hierarchical based.

What if the world view became holistic?  Unified based in a creative energy that is spiritual, cooperative, harmonious and balanced.  What would the world look like then?

Our world is set by every human act in language as it is an act of coexistence.  The world, our reality, is what we have created with others.

All of the souls within our family, within the global family are connected with this act in language as though it were upon a stage.  We set our own scenarios.  What is your act in language creating?

As we create our world, our human family, there are many cross roads that exist causing each of us to make choices.

It is within these choices that the world is set on a global level.  I was awe struck by a recent video from the TV show “The X Factor” where a young man sang John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

It was a soul touching performance made even deeper by the back story of the young man.

He was born in a war, left as a baby in a shoe box with his brother.  Physically impaired, emotionally ‘wounded’ and yet his spirit soul full.  His rendering of the song of peace and imagination not simple words; but an act in language to create the world he dreamed of.

There are so many paths that involve conflicts, wars, fears, insecurity within the economy, and competition is it no wonder that so many souls are feeling hopeless.

There are other paths; sacred paths that are sustainable, harmonious, loving, and full of prosperity.  Why is it that so many are creating paths rooted in the dark side of the mountain?

As human souls we have the ability to transform our world.  When we begin to return to see the world as all being related to one another, we can begin to see the unfolding of a vision.  A vision that emerges from deep within our own souls.

A vision of who we can become as individuals and as a peaceful and harmonious world.  How to we give birth to the language that will create this world?

We must begin by healing our past closing the wounds that have created chasms of duality between humans, between our relationship with the animal kingdoms, the plant kingdoms, and with Mother Earth herself.

The dysfunctional patterns of our human relationships must come first.  We must heal ourselves if we wish for this new world.

We must create our ‘tribes’.  Returning to the knowing that all things are related, that all things are connected, we must create our ‘tribes’ in order to support one another during the healing and creating process.

We have become isolated and hunkered down and forgotten the circle of life includes the human soul having relationships with other souls.  We have forgotten that when any one of us is affected by the dysfunction of the old paradigms, we are all affected.

If we do not return to the unity of all, to the oneness we were created in, we will remain in the duality of war, conflict, fear, and hopelessness.

It is not enough to create our ‘tribes’.  We must engage within our ‘tribes’.  Engage our minds, our hearts and our souls in to the healing of all.  If anyone does not participate it affects the whole circle.

Our voices merge into the consciousness of the ‘tribe’ we have created to speak as one.  If all do not participate, we return to leader and follower paradigms.  A true ‘tribe’ is a circle which without each soul within it participating, becomes broken.

We must guide, protect, support, nurture, inspire, and challenge one another.  Within the web of life, when one speaks ill of another, the web begins to unravel.  A simple spoken word can destroy the entire work of the ‘tribe’.  Every spoken word is an act of creation.

As individual souls, we must return to the sacredness in all life.  Without sacredness of spirit, we will not be able to create a human world that is peaceful and harmonious.  The Honor of One is the Honor of All.  We are all related.

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Carla Goddard

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