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Colour Therapy
colour therapy

Part 3 of 3 (Part 1 & 2 )

Q: Is your life based on lies, sufferance and dramas?

Through hearsay and media hype you will have heard things like: ‘Cancer & Melanoma will kill you quickly. Breast cancer kills women. Prostate cancer kills men. Cancer is a cruel disease. It will come back!’….

…………..Shall we cancel these? ‘Yes’….Done!

Ok but is this really true!? …..Really?

How about we take a look at cancer from a spiritual perspective and imagine what the consciousness of this organism would feel like and what it could say if we could hear it.

(This is why I love being an intuitive, because I get to look outside the box and ask myself these kinds of things).

So…. ‘Why does cancer grow? Does it really want to kill its host? Really?’

I must explain that, yes, I am giving cancer a consciousness consideration by addressing it energetically; but this isn’t as mad as it seems. The cancer I developed in 2008 was named Clara and I looked upon her as a temporary lodger that was moving out. I loved her.

The fact is that all living things breathe, eat, grow, poop and eventually die and this process means that on some level, everything living must be connected in a conscious way, right?

As an intuitive, I have noticed that when I tune into the energy of a cancer, it gives the impression of being helpful. That could be true, I guess, because cancer has a fungal-type energy that likes acidity, acting like a sponge busily absorbing up toxins which resonate and align with it.

We know that for living things to be able to grow and live within an oxygen rich environment, the environment needs to be alkaline, unlike anaerobes, which prefer a more acidic environment.

As humans, we must maintain an alkaline environment with good oxygen and food to create a healthy mind, body and soul, as opposed to being stressed, angry and polluted.

‘Why’ Does Cancer Grow In Some People & Not In Others?

Have you ever wondered about why all cells apparently have the potential to be cancerous but mostly never are?

We will have heard about natural remedies such as Cannabis oil or Black salve being credited for their positive results with cancers, also miracles which some may have witnessed first-hand.

So what constitutes such an event outside of the medical model? Magic? Fate? Luck? Divine intervention? The truth……?

I would love you to read about Vianna Stibal’s journey through cancer. Vianna is the Founder of Theta Healing, which is the amazing technique I am now a Certificate of Science instructor of.

Please see her book entitled ‘ThetaHealing – Introducing an Extraordinary Energy Healing Modality’ through Hay House. Sally’s Testimonial is on You Tube where Sally expresses her gratitude, with medical documentation to ThetaHealing® for helping her with her cancer.

Orthodox medicine can work, but it is grossly lacking in a whole approach; and I am qualified to say this, as I have shared my account of my medical journey with ‘Clara’ the cancer and hear how I created a positive environment to overcome the darkest days of my life.

I know how powerful the mind creates and how powerful love is in the healing process.

If our decisions are based on what our mind believes to be true, then what happens when we realise that our life has been based on lies, fears, doubts, hearsay?

Well we can choose to keep feeling annoyed, upset, aggrieved, angry, and resentful or we can say NO MORE! As a truth seeker, we apply the power of love and with action we can choose to take charge of ourselves through effective communication.

How Did I Reach This Place Of Awareness?

I refer to myself as a Spiritual Success Mentor since coming out the other side of cancer with experiences from the cocktail of orthodox and spiritual medicine combined with a background as a holistic motivator, healing practitioner, facilitator, teacher and student of life ex Registered Nurse and Midwife; but to be honest, I am a successful being of light and that’s the main thing that matters to me, as I am doing my best to be, the best that I can be right now.

My passion is life, and the greater good. I have perpetually studied health, people, biology, philosophy, sociology and various healing modalities since leaving school.

I have always loved to assist others in one way or another. I guess it was in my genes as my aunt is a spiritual healer and both my Grandfather and Father were Chiropodists.

I am a real person who has faced many ups and downs including a leg lengthening operation at 11, the death of my mum at 12, over 15 years of infertility and recently cancer, all of which has made me who I am today.

Your Journey To Colour

At some time in our lives we are all faced directly or indirectly by dis-ease, stress, loss, pain, fear, anger and also the chance to change from that to a positive to the balance our inner and external life.

I have realised that by looking beyond the surface of what we know of ourselves to be, we gain a deeper sense of personal awareness and can make better choices due to clarity, compassion and love.

Embarking on your own self explorative healing journey is the key to your truth and to love. The journey may be easy, hard, slow, fast, long, short, instant, wide, or narrow.

The choice is yours, it maybe fate, divine timing and luck but your journey and how you choose to deal with it opens a doorway for you to communicate with your inner consciousness in the way that you can get to understand how ‘Why’ fits into the bigger picture for you and be peaceful.

Psychology Of Colour

Colour is present everywhere, in everything, and is the connection to wholeness. Colour is seen not only in nature, but in the home, clothing, food and of course visualisation.

Colour therapy is used on the physical, psychological emotional and spiritual levels. Most people are either drawn to, or repelled by the colours they see without a conscious thought. This illustrates that we have an innate knowingness of how we feel in regards to colour which stems from experiences, memories and feelings.

Life experiences affect us in many different, ways creating a myriad of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reactions. These reactions can be interpreted as good or bad, happy or sad, light or heavy. The language of colour is one way as to how the brain records events.

To Me, Being In Colour Means You Know The Key:

To connect and know the true you, because you know what is right for you

To assist you to create a sense of wellness and positivity

To illustrate that you are an active participant in your life

To show you that life can be magical

To bring hope at times of challenge and change

To enhance health and wellbeing

To help you to build-up confidence in expressing yourself

Above all, it brings a sense of self love and hope to any grey day.

How I Created Colour In My Grey Time

I researched well and started a strict raw vegan diet, initially, but kept to an alkaline diet. I had reflexology, acupuncture, rest, used crystals for focus, kept as positive as I could be, laughed and drank lots of good water.

I learnt to ask open-ended questions, because then I could make sense of what was being planned for me and felt safer with the medical process. I used muscle testing and body dowsing to help me take personal responsibility for my thoughts and actions.

I would indulge in happy films and have stimulating fun friends around. 

By having an open relationship with my household members meant we could work through our respective fears together. Also, by identifying my limitations, it helped me to become mentally stronger. I got to know what I could do physically.

Take time to love you!

My Colourful Solution That I Offer To You

My holistic colour card technique called Being in Colour that came about from the process through cancer and learning to love myself better and make the radical changes that my life needed; can help you to be more confident in reading your inner signals and expressing your inner voice of truth through working with the images, poems, word associations and options offered.

A Little Visualisation Exercise

  • Firstly relax and breathe regularly
  • Imagine that you are a beautiful light and state ‘I am the light. I am supported by the light’
  • Then see your light expanding gently to all your body’s cells
  • Then when you are ready, radiate your light from within you around you. Be the light
  • Now imagine rainbow light rays reflecting outwardly
  • Hold the vision and breathe in and out
  • Know by being and acting within the light, you create more light. Others sense the light and more light will be created.

You can find much more information on living a holistic lifestyle in these free magazines and on our YouTube channel.

Philippa Oxlade

Philippa Joy Oxlade – Spiritual Success Mentor


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