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The onslaught of the weekly chemotherapy went on for several months, during which time I kept a diary. What follows is some excerpts from that diary I wanted to share with you and the lesson I got out of it.

February 3rd 2009, 3:33am.
“A spiritual visitation happened early this morning! Whilst I lay helpless with fluorescent green poison pumping drop by horrible drop through my veins, I awoke to see a haze of divine light around me. Knowing  these were guides that were gathering, it brought a sense of peace… “

Despite feeling peaceful, I was so angry with them for not preventing this from happening to me in the first place! (After all they are meant to be there to look after you aren’t they?
Cancer Journey

 “WHY ME?! I yelled at them.
”To clear out the dense energy within; this is the only way to clear you on a deep cellular and physical level” was their reply.

…but “WHY?” was my retort.

Cancer Journey

Their reply was simply “So you can do your work”.

How can the answer to life be so simple? How can just a couple of words turn chaos to peace in an instant?

Have you ever asked ‘Why? When faced with a dark challenging time, or did you just accept the situation as is? Would you like to know the truth behind your experience? Are you ready to change?

Know that truth is a vibration like sound, colour and light; a universal law. It is.

Cancer Journey

I am sure you have at some stage got drawn into the sad, awful, upsetting accounts of things happening in life, the world around and yourself too. Life certainly does seem to twist and turn. It is however possible to connect within ourselves at these times of disruption to hope and thus alter our mind-set and energy system 180 degrees instantly.

Did you realise that we have an energetic polarity within us just like the earth and the universe does? We actually live on a planet of duality with positive and negative charges that hold us in perfect balance. Just look at the electrons within our cells and how they move.

So How Does Polarity Apply To Health & Wellbeing?

Everything we are is vibrational. So this means energetically we are like ‘magnets’ and so if we act and think negatively we will be more likely to attract life’s negative vibrations to us. On the other hand by thinking positively we are more likely to attract the positive. Right?

Cancer Journey

Why ME - Colour - WhiteThe thing to remember here is the Law of Divine timing comes into play in all this.

So what happens is the unexpected ‘negative’ which make us go “What the f**K!” or the unexpected ‘positive’ circumstance creating an incredible ‘”Yeah, yippee and AMAZING!” just out of the blue.

It may be because at some soul level we have opened ourselves up to needing to experience a ‘life gift’ to which we learn and grow or move in some way as a result of it.

Cancer Journey

I truly believe this and have now experienced it. Mine was to wake up and be talking my truth and walking my true path.

What is the gift to you from the learning? How can true experience teach us the fullness of life, growth and expansion? Why do you think some get halted and restricted in life?

Our bodies are vibrational and colourful. When two incompatible vibrations mix then we can feel low, affected, knocked sideways, spun off our axis and sometimes thrown out of our body.

Cancer Journey So this is where a good energetic healer is essential to help realign you with healing modalities, particularly around colour, sound and light.

This is because most people are bound by the belief we live in a 3 dimensional world (we know up, down, side to side, backwards and forwards) and the 4th dimension of TIME.

We have been exposed to ‘Time is running out. We are short of time. If you don’t act now you could miss out or die’. True we have to make sudden decisions to stay alive but is that fate and can we bend time or time travel?

At present people are awakening and no longer hoodwinked by the establishment. We are setting ourselves free from so much of the negativity and that’s great, but how do all these awakened people cope with being in a new awareness inside and out? How can balance be established?

Cancer Journey

The key is to tune in to a still place and hold that space; you may use a visual like a colour card or crystal to assist you. Truth sits quietly and simply allowing a healing space to form.

Truth helps us to get into the simplicity of what is occurring, to see behind the façade to enable us to be empowered and just BE. For me I knew I was going to be OK because I felt it.

Within moments I went from being in a negative mind space of hatred and loathing towards the chemotherapy, to a smile! How crazy is that?

I then lay there and recalled my husband John saying a couple of days earlier, “If you truly believe Pip that there is a reason for everything, then what better way than to give you a cancer that is 100% curable? This is not about the chemo”.

Being peaceful in chaos was a new experience and one I had been seeking, perhaps all my life. I now held the key and the spiritually-channelled process called Being in Colour was born.

I know how to access my truth and release the old stuff so easily now because I lived the development of the process every step.

I breathed it and I am testament to it. It shows you how to tap into your truth behind the emotional and mental plasters masking your hurts. You can easily go within your façade and disperse the unwanted negative ‘crap’ simply and easily.

Cancer Journey

So what can you do to create wellness?

Have you ever experienced being in peace?

Crystals are excellent transmitters of vibration and light, they are the earth’s beautiful jewels and are believed to assist us through focused intent to convey healing frequencies.

This is why I turned to using them on my journey and I have witnessed some amazing results for people as intuitive healing with crystals can bring about energetic balance and alignment to the subtle body and the electromagnetic field.

Are you searching to be the best you can be?

What is it that you require to feel well and wholesome?

So how can you help in healing yourself?

Once I realised that I was my own priority, I identified my truth in the problem I was facing and reflected on my true needs. This way it was so easy to find my way through the ‘grey’ and I could get to work to rectify my issues and get into the light again.

As I trained as a nurse we had a protocol to identify and prioritise problems:

  • Identify the core problems
  • Prioritise
  • Make a plan of care
  • Reflect
  • Evaluate
  • Solve or re-prioritise

Never underestimate peace and remember that hope is the light within the black void.

Cancer Journey

Throughout the chaotic medical dramas, I worked on positive thinking and exploring, took rest, vitamins and minerals, Chinese and New Zealand herbs, Theta Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, liver and kidney detoxification and acupuncture. I was also fortunate to have lots of loving, happy support.  I watched ‘The Secret’ and lots of fun films.

It is cliché to say that everyone can benefit from being at peace through a loving inner-connection. Yea right. But how do you find it and do you have to be on death’s door to experience it? No.

You can have the option to get on your spiritual path (whatever that is) and start finding how to find that still space within. After all it’s not what life does to you but how you deal with it.

I unashamedly will state here that I believe that Being in Colour is the best modern day card process and I honour the energy imbued within it. The process is amazing and a true and beautiful gift from the angels and beyond to help us be all we can be now.

You can allow yourself the gift without the struggle and trauma. To be continued….

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