Renew Your Soul’s Purpose

Renew Your Soul’s Purpose

Born into this world as a tiny babe, soft, curious and filled with a knowledgeable soul.

You grow and, as you do, you are filled with beliefs about life that may not fit your initial grand vision of life as a soul in a new body.

You learn about what to be afraid of.  How to live life according to the rules of the land and your parent’s thoughts and beliefs around life.

Over time, they can crowd out and take-over the innocent joyful and happy beliefs you brought with you into this new world journey.

As an adult, you wonder why you feel off.  You did everything everyone told you to do, went to college, got a job, got married and so on.  It is how everyone told you do it, yet you have this nagging feeling that this is not what you came here to do.

But what do you do now to somehow fill the raw gap inside begging for something different?  Do you drop everything and go for the gold, or do you just struggle along because that is what everyone else is doing?

You know you are not alone in this, right?  There are many others just like you, who came here with a grand mission and in growing up, they lost their way and now just like you, and they feel the call of their soul to do something different.

How Can So Many Of Us Get So Lost Along The Way? How Do We Find Our Soul’s Purpose?

As babes, we are seen as blank slates to be programmed with the rules and beliefs needed to be a good person.  Very rarely do parents allow their children to show them their true selves before they are trying to dictate how you should live and see the world around you.

They tell us their stories which for better or for worse plants beliefs into our subconscious mind that may go against the beliefs we brought in with us.

In time, many of the beliefs about our gifts and purpose are buried by the beliefs of our parents and how society thinks the world should work.

Here’s the thing though, you were freaking awesome the day you were conceived.  The soul that occupies your body has always been great and having a new body to occupy doesn’t change that.

While babies are seen as blank slates, the truth is we all come with a gift and a purpose.

In order to really be who you truly are, you have to shed the beliefs given to you as a child, so you can start to recognize who you really are as a soul living on this planet for a higher purpose.

How does one do this?  Well I will get to that in moment, but before I do, I want to make sure there are no hard feelings, anger or resentment towards your parents for setting you up to follow a path that was not yours to live.

I know it is not easy to, but you have to understand that your parents are just repeating what was taught to them as a child.

They too came in with the same softness, joy and profound sense of purpose but, just like you, it was whitewashed so that they could either fit in with society or go after something that their parents thought would make them a good person.

Also a lot of what your parents taught you was based on what others were telling them to do to raise “good little law abiding children”.  But really it is about making sure everyone is the same.  Sameness provides comfort for those that are uncomfortable with non-conformity.

We did not become an ever-changing world where new things are discovered every day by being the same as everyone else.  Instead it took people with big dreams to push past the farce of society’s status quo game.

They stood by their dreams and let no one deter them. To name a few – Nickola Telsa, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs and Walt Disney.  Each one of them pushed past society’s beliefs about the world to create that which their soul called for.

What if within you, your soul knows how to build the next big thing that will change people’s life for the better?  Who knows, well only you, because it is your own special gift.  Oh and before I forget, your gift doesn’t need be grand.

Size does not matter, if your gift changes one person’s life for the better, it is just a special as it would be if it helped 1,000 people.  Why? Because you cannot put a grading system on something that is unique to you, no one can compare it because there is nothing to compare it to, it’s just you.

It’s time to get to know the true you.  This may sound scary.  But let me say this, while you may not yet recognize that person, you were once this person before you became who you are today.  So what are you afraid will happen if you allow your true self to rise to the surface?

Need some help clearing beliefs or fears that no longer serve you, I recommend that you try ThetaHealing® which will help you not only clear the beliefs but download the feelings of what it is like to live life as your true self.  This way it does not feel so strange as you break away from society’s rules and live the life that you came here to life.

Ready to figure out how to feed your soul’s yearning this without stumbling around for years wondering when you are going to trip over that thing that will make you remember why you came here in the first place?

Mediation is key. If you need help slowing down the hamster wheel in your head, try this:

1) Don’t meditate in silence.  Give your brain soothing sound candy to enjoy to soften the “you should be doing something else” voice.

2) Give your hands something to do with crystals, coins or anything else that fits easily in your hand that you can subconsciously play with.  This gives your conscious mind something to do while allowing your subconscious mind to be accessed easier.

3) Don’t lie down in bed – Your body thinks bed equals sleep.  Instead lay on a wood floor or mediate sitting up.  Try these out and see if this helps you start to find your meditation sweet spot.

After Meditating, Ask Yourself The Following 3 Questions:

1) If I could do anything I wanted in the world, what would it be?

2) What do I love to do that’s fun?

3) What would life look like if I allowed myself to do those 2 things?

Be gentle with yourself in the process.  Trust yourself enough to allow the answerer to come through.  Every time you do this exercise, you will get clearer on what is your purpose in life.  Take what you learn and figure out how to incorporate it into your life

Do what works for you.  Do not be afraid to ask for help in getting clear on who you really are.  Lastly be patient with yourself.  You have lived for a number of years since being a babe, so it will take time to get back to your old unique limitless self.

So for now I leave you, your soul calls us out for you to love and recognize who you really are.  Do you have the courage and fight in you, to sit with yourself quietly to discover the beautiful soul that lies within and the beautiful gift that it is waiting to be bestowed upon the earth?

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Renew Your Soul’s PurposeTami Reagor – Theta Healer

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