Wellbeing Tips During Covid 19

Wellbeing Tips During Covid

It’s understandable that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that the mental health of a lot of people has taken a hit. The news is scary, we’re often isolated from friend and family, and the world has become very strange and unfamiliar. Many people are asking for wellbeing tips during Covid 19.

If you’re finding it harder than usual to manage your levels of stress, anxiety, or depression, try not to panic. It’s natural to find the current situation unsettling and frightening, but there are lots of tips that you can use to help you cope more effectively. 

Simple Wellbeing Tips During Covid 19

  • Stay connected. One of the hardest things for many of us is being unable to see friends and family. While restrictions are lifting, and you can meet with other households again, you may still be cut off from more vulnerable loved ones, or those who live further away.

Stay connected in other ways as much as you can to help you feel better. Make regular phone calls, write letters, or set up Zoom calls so you can talk face to face.

Make things fun by planning things you can do online together, like quizzes, or setting each other challenges before your next catch up. 

  • Talk about it. Remember that other people will be feeling worried too. Don’t bottle up the way you feel, as this is not healthy for you. Talk to people you trust about how you feel, and you’ll likely find that they feel much the same.

Talking about it will help both of you get your worries off of your chest, so you’ll both feel more positive afterwards. 

  • Seek professional support. If you’re really struggling or finding that the current situation is exacerbating problems you were already working, such as an unhealthy reliance on alcohol, then seek professional help.

Many therapists are offering sessions online or over the phone, so you can have a session without having to go out. Wellness centres and rehabs, like The Banyans health and wellness retreats, are back open again, so this is an option too. 

  • Look after your body. Your physical health can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing. If you’re avoiding going out, it can be tempting to retreat to the sofa with a bag of crisps and do nothing, but resist this temptation.

Keep fuelling your body with fresh, healthy food, and try to stay active. If you don’t feel safe doing things like going out jogging, there are lots of workouts that you can do at home instead.

Try videos on YouTube, play football in the garden with the children, or dance in the kitchen to a song that makes you feel great.

  • Keep busy. Keep your mind occupied, giving you less time to worry. If you’re at home more than usual, maybe now is the time to empty that cupboard of junk or deep clean the kitchen.

Learn a new skill, like knitting or sewing. Get through your ‘to-read’ pile that’s been growing and threatening to topple over. Catch up on all the series you’ve been meaning to watch. Just keep busy!

Help is available at Lifeline. You can call Lifeline’s 24 hour crisis line 13 11 14

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