We Exist In An Emotional Universe. Are You A Drama Queen?

We Exist In An Emotional Universe

Did you know we have this innate natural ability to let go of our emotions, but sometimes choose to stay attached or live in the drama and attention because we don’t want to take responsibility for ourselves?

It’s simply a way of confirming what you are experiencing and saying ‘See I told you so’ Whatever it is, it can stops us moving freely from each of our life experiences.

We are uniquely caring, free, creative loving beings. Throughout our life we draw in many experiences that reside within our energy field, we live on pure emotions. Even someone that you meet and you feel they are quite emotionless still holds emotions within.

We gain understanding so we can move through to greater awareness. Only by letting go of each experience from a reality of how that experience was, can keep us free and able to move forward.

However, we tend to make a ‘mountain out of a molehill’ out of a negative experience, holding on and keeping them buried deep inside.

Emotions & Healing

Think about this. What are some of your greatest emotional feelings you have experienced in life? I’m sure most of us would say Love. Being in love, feeling love, consumed by love, the love of a child, am animal, a parent or partner and nature.

This brings joy, passion, excitement, tranquillity, bliss. With these elevated emotions, we feel we can conquer so much.

We feel nothing can stop us, everything seems to fall into place, things become aligned, we are running on exhaled emotional breath, our bodies flourish and massive releases of highly activated adrenaline swirls around within.

If you stubbed your toe or knocked your knee you would probably shift right through (of course it’s felt) the actual pain, because the high intense positive emotions are like a blocker and you feel nothing but euphoric. That in itself is a healing emotion.

Then again we also have not so great emotional feelings, like hurt, pain, sadness, guilt, anger and fear. These opposite emotions can have a harrowing effect on your body, mind and spirit.

When someone is in the throes of a negative emotional experience, you actually create a different vortex of rhythms that subject you to feelings of your world and life becoming heavier, your body may feel weak, or sluggish and to nourish your body you choose foods to console the inner emotions, and you start to shrink internally.

Your weakest points within your body’s emotions become susceptible to illness or pain, your choices and decisions become less clear. You do not feel aligned and everything that can go wrong will, and somehow you feel you are spinning out of control.

Some of us can attach more deeply to our emotions and this can retain relationships and situations being bogged down.

We have the ability to allow our emotions to heal us, or prevent us from healing.

That Vibrational Feeling

Feelings or emotions are like a pulsating vibration that are within and around us. We send out these positive and negative emotions like a ripple that grows with the amount of emotion behind it.

If some of the emotions that are stored within our energy field have been connected to major life events, big deal moments or even enormous situations, we can subconsciously play those events over and over and basically keep coming up with the same or similar behaviours.

Let’s say as a child you were berated or yelled at by a parent, that moment will be felt if that experience came up in life as an adult, with someone yelling at you, triggering the emotions you felt as a child.

It’s been imbedded in the hardware of your brain (like a computer) and it simply reacts to what you felt when you were young.

Research says we…….

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We Exist In An Emotional Universe


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