Do You Have Enough Vitamin K2 In Your Diet?

Vitamin K2

There is an important, often forgotten and misunderstood vitamin that protects our hearts and helps to form strong bones. It’s called vitamin K2 and is taking Australia by storm.

Vitamin K2 works by activating proteins that help the body properly utilize calcium – binding it to bones while inhibiting it from depositing in arteries and blood vessels.

By activating these specific proteins, K2 helps build strong bones while simultaneously protecting and promoting cardiovascular health, as well as clotting factors in the liver.

So why are so many Australians deficient in Vitamin K2, and how can you be sure you’re getting enough?

There are some food options one can consume to obtain Vitamin K2, but they are not necessarily staples of most Western diets. For those looking to avoid K2 deficiency, consider these items:

Natto is a traditional Japanese breakfast dish of fermented soybeans. It ranks as the most uniquely rich dietary source of Vitamin K2. The problem is that most people outside of Japan can’t stomach its taste or texture.


Foie Gras – Also known as goose liver pate, this is popular in the southwest region of France, which interestingly has the lowest incidents of coronary heart disease in all of France.


Aged & Curd Cheeses — Aged and cured cheeses are another great source of Vitamin K2…and who doesn’t love cheese? The only catch is that in order to obtain the 180mcg of Vitamin K2 required to obtain heart and bone health, you would have to eat 9 oz. of cheese daily. That’s a lot of cheese.


Egg Yolks, Butter, & Organ Meats— Provided these dairy products and meats are from grass-fed animals, they are a good source of Vitamin K2…. but they must be pasture-raised if their products are to contain any K2.


As you can probably tell, getting enough Vitamin K2 through diet alone can be difficult, to say the least. If organ meats and fermented soy beans aren’t a regular at your dinner table, it is well worth considering a K2 supplement instead.

You can now find Vitamin K2 available for sale in Australia. Look out for the following brands in your local Go Vita or Chemist Wharehouse:

  • Essential Nutrition
  • Blackmores
  • Bioceuticals
  • Thompsons
  • Nutrition Diagnostics
  • Melrose
  • Nutrition Care

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