How Toxic Is Your Home?


Probiotic Cleaning Products Can Stop Your Home Making You Sick!

Australians who use regular cleaning products are unwittingly putting themselves, their families and pets at risk when they could be transforming their homes into healthy ecosystems by introducing friendly probiotic bacteria.

With an average home consisting of 8000 different types of bacteria 1, Australia’s only Certified Organic cleaning brand, Probiotic Solutions is the healthy, safer alternative to conventional cleaning products.

Utilising world-leading probiotic technology, this Australian-made and owned product adopts nature’s own cleaning methods by applying a barrier of beneficial bacteria that neutralises harmful bacteria within the home, making families less susceptible to infection and disease.

The probiotics in Probiotic Solutions effectively clean surfaces, attack and kill harmful bacteria and create a barrier of healthy bacteria which continue to attack the microbes that cause harm to humans and pets.

“When most people think of bacteria they automatically think of germs and infection, but not all bacteria are bad,” says Michelle Perkins, Director of Probiotic Solutions.

“Popular cleaning products operate on a scorched-earth policy, targeting 99.9% of bacteria. They kill most germs on the surface they’re applied to, but they only work while the surface is wet. Once the surface is dry, the airborne harmful bacteria you’re trying to remove returns,” Mrs Perkins says.

“Just like probiotic drinks and tablets that keep your stomach healthy, Probiotic Solutions keeps cleaning long after it’s applied, encouraging healthy bacteria in your home so bad bacteria cannot flourish and put you and your family’s health at risk.

“It is particularly important for new mothers to use as it reduces the chances of their baby getting sick and our good bacteria will support the infant’s immune system. That is great peace of mind.

“Seniors and people who are convalescing from sickness will also benefit from introducing this safe, probiotic bacteria into their homes.”

Probiotic Solutions are naturally formulated using bio-ingredients, including antioxidants, vitamins and other beneficial compounds along with non-synthetic essential oils which leave the home smelling fragrant and fresh while working hard to make it a healthier environment. These chemical-free products are family and kid-friendly and they promote good health in all mammals, including pets.

The Probiotic Solutions Range Contains:

  • Anywhere Anytime: 100% natural, all-purpose spray infused with lemon myrtle and lemon grass non-synthetic essential oils.
  • Bathroom Bliss: Every day cleaner that’s infused with Organic Tea Tree and Lavender essential oils, and is designed to tackle wet areas and discourage mould.
  • Mop Me: Highly concentrated floor cleaner with a blend of grapefruit and patchouli, leaving the house smelling fresh and floors shining.
  • Healthy Hands: Non-allergic and synthetic free hand wash, leaving your hands protected and smelling fresh all day.
  • Room Refresh: Bespoke blend of essential oils fragrance your room long enough to get rid of any smells that have been bothering you.
  • Fresh Feet:  A chemical-free foot odour eater. You have a smelly problem, Fresh Feet will fix it.

Probiotics are available online at and selected independent stores.

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1Trends in Ecology and Evolution, ‘Evolution of the Indoor Biome’, 2015

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