Vibrational Art & Autoimmune Disease

Vibrational Art & Autoimmune Disease

Vibrational Art is artwork that was created with a healing intention. It speaks to the greater parts of your being, your spirit, your soul and your multi-dimensional light bodies.

It has undergone an energetic process that enables it to unlock healing around the intention it was imbued with.  It works like a key that activates healing and spiritual evolution for your body and soul on multidimensional levels.

Everything we see or touch holds a vibration. Those who are sensitive to these energies can sit on a chair in a park and feel the feelings of the person who left the strongest energy imprint on it.

You may have noticed that food tastes better in certain restaurants where the atmosphere is nicer, or when the person preparing it just loves preparing food.  In the same way art holds the feelings and emotions of the creator.

When the artist channels the artwork, holds a healing intention for it or does energy work on it during or after the painting process, the vibration can have an even more profound effect due to the conscious intention it is imbued with.

How To Work With The Energies Of The Paintings

You don’t have to work with the paintings consciously to be receiving the energies, they will work at a pace relevant to you by just being in your environment in the same way a crystal does.

However you can use these artworks consciously to progress your spiritual development and evolution additionally as a personal healing processes.

To work consciously with the paintings, sit and be present with them, look at them, open your heart, feel them.  Notice all the colours and shapes, feel how your body feels when you take all this information, colour, shape into your consciousness…

How does your spirit feel?  How does your heart feel?  Allow yourself to be in the energy for as long as it takes to move through you and for you to return to normal.

Vibrational Art & Autoimmune Disease

The immune system is your defence system, it fights invaders in a variety of different ways.  To do this it has to identify the invader as something separate to the human body.

An immune response is essentially a disharmony or rejection of that which is perceived to “not belong” to the body or to be dangerous in some way.

As our bodies also receive signals from all parts of our physical system (they have their own intelligence) they also respond to signals from our energetic bodies, mental bodies and emotional bodies.

An autoimmune response is a reaction to perceived invaders, which may actually be part of our own system or body which is out of harmony on some level.  The disharmony can be caused by many factors and may be arising from many different levels of the being.

They are often connected to traumatic experiences in one form or another, periods of overwhelm or mental, emotional, physical stress, an infection or virus.

Often physical or non-physical things that were present when you were experiencing that trauma or stress become associated by your whole physical and energetic system with the trauma.

For example, if you are a healthy eater and you eat salads during this period of extreme trauma or emotional turmoil, your body may perceive the destructive process and associate the naturally occurring chemicals in those healthy foods with the trauma.

It creates an immune reaction to it in order to stop you from having that food.

This can often be difficult to track as it is not the food itself that the system is reacting to but a chemical that was present in large amounts in that healthy food and only when it reaches that same level within your body will it begin to remind you of the way you felt at the time of the original trauma.

It’s similar to the way your neuronal pathways are created in your brain. You will gradually associate an outcome with an event more and more each time you see, it until that particular event is synonymous with the outcome to your brain and ego.

An example is, if you were about to step onto the road and a bicycle almost rode into you, you would get a little shock, your fight or flight responses would kick in for a moment but when the danger was gone, you would rebalance.

If that happened every day for 5 days, your whole system (neuronal network, endocrine system) would have set up an understanding of this danger associated with stepping onto the road, deterring you form wanting to step onto the road.

The same things happens in your immune system, to keep you safe and in balance.

Having been though severe sensitivity/intolerance/immune defence reactions for many years, I painted Serenity.  She is the balanced peace within that harmonises with the environment and finds the similarities, the oneness.

There are no invaders.  Soon after painting her, I noticed that the people who came across her who were very drawn to her or wanted copies, were actually suffering from sensitivity/intolerance and recognising her as the anti-dote.

I have also noticed that as people become more spiritual aware and in tune, they often go through a process of becoming very sensitive as their light bodies and energetic and physical systems adjust to experiencing and noticing more subtle vibrations and experiences.

Serenity can be used as a great support for this.

Serenity (White Horse – Top Of Page)

Serenity represents harmony in your environment. The white horse in the snow wears the colours of her surroundings. The markings on her back are reflected in the footprints in the snow.

The past is behind her but has left footprints which are effecting how she is feeling and relating to the world.

By bringing her inner peace and serenity into her heart and projecting it outwards into her environment, it not only helps her to feel peaceful but also effects the frequency around her, healing all she touches.  The frequencies merge and harmonise and all is well, she is safe.


If Serenity resonates with you, you may be feeling a sense of disharmony somewhere in your life. There is clash in frequency between your own energy field and that of an environment or situation you are in.

Whether this has stemmed from a current or past trauma or hurt or the reason is more deeply buried, it is time for you to now be aware of it and take steps to heal this situation.

In truth, there is no need for you to be uncomfortable anymore.  It has served its purpose once you have realised that it is either time to move on or time to make changes so that you can remain where you are.

There is disharmony in your energy field because you have outgrown the circumstances, learnt from it, or the quiet whispers have not been heard and your inner messages about this situation are becoming louder so that you pay attention.

Take note of when and how you feel uncomfortable, whether it be emotionally or physically to find clues as to what the message is and therefore what changes need to be made to heal it.

Vibrational Art & Autoimmune Disease

Sanctity (White Horse – To The Left)

Sanctity represents the pure, unblemished core within us.  She is empowered and shines her light where ever she is, so pure and crystalline she reflects the colours of her environment outwardly, brightening and enlightening all around her.

As she emanates her radiant glow, all toxins, negativity and blockages are cleared away.  She has arrived from the stars, like an inception of divine grace and heralds the new evolved, conscious reality.

Having this image in your environment or working consciously with it, will help you to access the part of yourself that is empowered, pure and radiant that cannot be stopped or interfered with (your inner health and wellbeing).

It will raise your energetic vibration and release toxins in your environment, energetic and physical bodies. Place it in a toxic or uncomfortable environment or on your fridge.

People Have Had The Following Experiences With It:

  • Put it up at work – first time ever have gone home without being drained.
  • Put under babies bed – slept through the night for the first time.
  • Uploaded photo to computer – felt healing energy over her and no longer limping or experiencing pain in foot for the first time in years.
  • Touched original painting and had to run to the toilet (has detox properties).  This happened twice.

How To Use The Painting (Serenity):

Having this image in your environment or working with it consciously, will help you to assimilate change such as moving countries, changing job or house, or to tolerate foods and chemicals that you are sensitive to.

It helps you to harmonise with new energies around you or to be able to take new or disharmonious foods into your body. Put this image or print up in an environment that is difficult for you such as your workplace or put it on the fridge to harmonise your food to your own vibration.

Use it to help babies transition from milk to solid food or breast milk to formula.

How To Attain This Painting (Serenity):

You can buy this image in several forms, as a print or canvas or on a mug or fridge magnet.  By having it on the fridge it helps to harmonise your food and drink.  If you use it as a mug it harmonises your beverage as you drink it.

Most of my original paintings are not for sale but on this occasion, this particular painting is ready for a new home.  If you would like to purchase the original, send me an offer to

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