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Mediums are the middlemen (and women) who pass on messages from our loved ones in the Spirit World, including our pets. Our loved ones want to let us know that they are still around us and to show that they still watch over us, even though they are no longer here on the physical plane.

Mediumship is about proving the continuous existence of the human soul, after the death of the physical body and, proof of survival of “death” is fundamental.

We believe that it is not enough to say, “I have our grandmother here and she says that she loves you.” There needs to be evidence. If the Spirit world can prove their existence, they can give us information about themselves – What were they like in character?

How did they pass? What is going on around the sitter?

Even though mediums have relayed messages from loved ones that have crossed over for millennia, in these modern times, with migration of peoples, and international travel being much more commonplace, the need for clear communication is more important than ever.

If a Spirit person wants to communicate their messages of love to a family member or friend left on the Earth plane, they will always find a way, irrespective of foreign languages or international borders.

We often get asked “What if my loved one didn’t speak English?” “That doesn’t actually matter as a medium should still be able to pass on the essence of the Spirit person and prove their existence,” Mrs Bryant said.

“A Spirit person doesn’t actually speak, rather they pass on their messages in a more subtle way, in the form of energy, and it is up to the mediums to translate this. Mr Bryant said, “I have worked for many non-English speaking clients.

“When a Spirit person wants to communicate, they will not just use my clairaudience (clear hearing) to “talk” to me, rather, they can use all of my psychic faculties, as they are manipulating energy.

“As psychics, we pick up on that energy and translate it into messages.

“For example, a Spirit person may show me an image (clairvoyance) of a well-known sports star to describe their physique or they could give me the smell (clairol factrience) of cigarette smoke to show that they were a smoker.”

Working in Australia means I meet people from many walks of life.

I once did a reading for a Romanian lady. I was given a word in Romanian which I did not understand, but passed it on anyway. The client advised me that was the name of the Spirit person communicating.”

Mrs Bryant said, “Love still goes on, and mediumship is about bringing through the information so you, the client, can recognize who wants to talk to you.

German born Mrs Bryant says, “I too have read for many people around the world and know that language is just one factor in how a message is structured.

“Spirit will use the tools that we are familiar with so, for me, having an understanding of German and some Italian, I may be given a word or expression that the client will understand, either about my Spirit person or themselves.

“Spirit may even bring through songs that they enjoyed.

During a recent reading, I was given the words to ‘Islands in the Stream’ by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, which was my clients’ wedding song.”

Spirit want to give us reassurance, encouragement and help with any healing that needs to take place and one way of doing that is by showing that they are still nearby, that they know what is going on around us.

Spirit cannot give us the answers to our problems or tell us what to do. We have our own journeys and it is up to us in how we move forward but they can help us give us encouragement and show their ongoing presence.

Another common question asked is “Do phone and Skype readings work? “Distance doesn’t matter in a reading – think of it as a three way connection between you, the medium and the Spirit person,” said Mr Bryant.

“Spirit are omnipresent, as they are in energy form, so they are able to be with the client and with the medium, at the same time, even if they are in another location.”

While Spirit have the ability to connect with us in many different ways, sometimes it doesn’t work and there are a number of factors to consider.

It Could Be That:

  • The environment isn’t quite right – e.g. a noisy expo
  • It isn’t the right time, either for yourself as a client, or for the Spirit person
  • The connection between the Spirit person and the medium is not a good match

Mediums cannot dictate who comes through, Spirit are in charge of that. You need to keep yourself open for whomever wants to talk.

Remember, they are “in the light” so they can see the bigger picture far better. If, for example, your Dad comes through because he wants to tell you he’s sorry for his drinking when he was here, and you don’t listen to that because you only want your best friend to come through, you are creating an energetic block.

There will be a reason for the connection that is being made, even if we don’t always know what that reason is. Have an open mind and an open heart and Spirit will ensure that you get what you need, though that may not necessarily be what you want.

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mediumshipDagmar and Glenn Bryant are Holistic Counsellors and Psychic Mediums who are based in Melbourne, Australia. They see clients privately and travel the world teaching, reading and demonstrating mediumship and have appeared on live TV. They also have their own radio show on A1R Radio.

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