The Universe Always Provides. Trust In Its Power.


Recently I have been tested by the universe and have been wondering if i should let go of the things that serve me no longer. I had a fear connected to letting go, and a wondering if the universe will truly provide for me, although if i had looked back through my life, it always had provided for me in the past.

I decided to test the universe and stand on the edge of the cliff and throw myself off (metaphorically of course) and found out, that indeed the universe will provide.

If you follow your gut feeling and your intuition and let go of the nagging of your mind, you will find that you will be following your path and find true wealth and happiness. In following your subconscious not your conscious mind we will get so much more done and you will feel better in body and spirit.

Since taking the plunge my body feels refreshed and at ease with itself. I urge you to do the same…..

Just trust and see what happens.

Think about other times you have faced fear in the face and survived. How did you feel after? Did you feel lighter, proud of yourself, free? Remember that feeling and do it.

Sharon White


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