How To Train Your Mind

train your mind

Many ask me how can I use my mind to get what I want? The answer I give is always the same. Once we understand our mind we become the master and it becomes our follower.

Positive affirmations and positive thinking are ways of looking at what you want in your life and while you are doing this, you are using your conscious mind.

You are consciously using your conscious mind to get results. This differs from mediation as meditation is a gentler energy and uses your subconscious mind.

Positive affirmations work really well with achieving your goals alongside meditation.

The mind is made up of different areas. The conscious mind consists of all the things you’re aware of on a daily basis like answering questions like, “Can I pay my bills?”, “Did I clean the kitchen?”, “What is for dinner tonight?”

When we are exercising and doing burpees or star jumps we are conscious of exercise. So all of the things we are consciously aware of doing and thinking are using our conscious mind.

There is also the subconscious mind – all the things you know, but don’t know that you know. This is where things like memory and involuntary body functions come from. For example; driving a car.

Have you ever driven a car and when you have stopped driving thought how did I get here? You cant remember actually driving your car.

That is because your subconscious takes over. When you were learning you were consciously thinking about driving, about pushing down the clutch, putting your foot on the break or indicating.

Once you had learned how to drive and had lots of practise, your unconscious mind takes over and driving becomes natural to you. The subconscious mind does things automatically without us having to think about them.

Finally, there is the part called the super consciousness, which is the higher self, the center of spiritual growth and well-being. This is the connection to God, spirit, the universe, energy or whatever you want to call it.

Meditation allows you to focus on the subconscious and the super conscious minds. During a meditative session, you may find yourself encountering things that seem symbolic.

This is your mind’s way of telling you what’s going on, and all you have to do is figure out how to interpret the message. Your mind works best thinking in pictures or metaphors.

For us to really achieve our goals all 3 parts of our mind need to be working together.

You can’t sit there and use positive affirmations daily if your subconscious mind is sabotaging your efforts. You need to get integration happening. How do you do this?

The first step is to understand how the mind works and understand how you are sabotaging your efforts to get the life you dream of.

You need to look at limiting beliefs you have about yourself. When you say something like; I am going to run a marathon, does your subconscious mind say things like; “You can’t do that” or “Your knees are not strong enough”.

If it does your conscious mind and subconscious mind will not work together and you won’t get the results you want.

Look at the goals you have in your life. Is your subconscious mind sabotaging you? Do you need some help in learning how to train your subconscious mind?

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