To Sleep Perchance To Dream – How To Improve Your Sleep

How To Improve Your Sleep

How’s your sleep these days? Mine has been superb over the past few weeks thanks to a few important changes I’ve made. What are these changes? A major overhaul of the amount of EMFs I’m getting during the day, but especially – at night!

It turns out that EMFs (Electromagnetic frequencies) can wreak havoc on your sleep patterns because they deplete the amount of melatonin in your brain.

And how do they get to us? The electrical wiring in and around us all the time, especially in our bedrooms – including lamps, laptops, electric blankets … you name it.

If it’s plugged into a wall and anywhere near you while you sleep, you’re getting dosed with voltage that’s none-too-friendly for a good night of ‘shut-eye’.

I’m still figuring this stuff out, and will keep you posted as I learn more.

But in the meantime, below is an article with more details on the Sand Man’s nemesis icon smile To Sleep Per Chance To Dream How To Improve Your Sleep It’s from Sing Chios Healing, and I’m reprinting the whole thing here for you to read easier.

Sleep Disorders & EMF

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are becoming an issue for health-conscious people. Scientists are finding this form of pollution in homes and offices effects all aspects of daily life.

Most individuals in the industrialized nations have grown up with EMFs pervading their lives.

This familiarity with the EMFs allows one to ignore the effects of EMFs on a person unless the person is completely removed from the surrounding electrical grid (wiring in ones house) for a period of time.

Studies sensitivity to EMFs has shown that the brain’s electrical output increases fifty-fold during magnetic storms from solar flares (sunspots). Fields that are created in the home (TV’s, lamp, electric stoves and computers) are proving to be much stronger.

The #1 Indoor Pollution

German scientists have done 40 years of indoor pollution research. The German Institute of Bau-Biologie (Building Biology) has found that EMFs are the #1 indoor pollution problem.

German doctors now routinely write prescriptions that authorize Environmental Inspectors to check houses for EMF levels.

Charles Bolta, an active educator of how EMFs can be reduced in the home, has been studying EMF issues for the past several years.

He says, that “after all of the time I’ve spent studying research and test results with some very gifted engineers and scientists, the greatest piece of information that I can pass on to anyone is that when it comes to electricity, we should all be practicing “prudent avoidance.”

Prudent Avoidance In The Bedroom

A complete survey of EMF levels in the home takes special equipment, but there are some simple acts to start practicing prudent avoidance. The area of most importance is the bedroom. EMFs have been directly linked to melatonin depletion and sleep disorders.

At night, all devices (except those used for health purposes) can be unplugged from the wall outlet. Appliances should not just be turned off, but unplugged! This included devices behind the wall by the sleeper’s head.

EMFs travel through walls. If there are appliances such as refrigerators or TVs on the opposite side of the wall where the sleeper’s head is should be unplugged or the bed should be moved.

Another step is lessening the EMF levels in the home that switch off all circuit breakers that are not needed to keep essential units running (refrigerator, heater, or any medically-necessary devices).

It may take a few minutes to figure out which breaker affects which outlets, yet this is the best way to cut off the flow of electricity.

Clear, Calm & Less Stress

The effects of such elementary precautions may be felt immediately, or may take several months-it depends on the person and the degree of EMF activity.

Mr. Bolta speaks of his own experiences in reducing the electrical flow in his home: “I have found that my sleeping patterns are much more even: I fall asleep easier, and I wake up with a quiet mind and less stress.

My wife and I have noticed that our communication has become clearer and calmer between one another. But above all, I have found that it is much easier to sit with myself, meditate and to contemplate.

The reduction of electrical pollution in my home has also resulted in decreased mind-chatter, and a feeling of improved physical well-being”.

Most people report that one thing they notice is that it is quieter and more peaceful once they have eliminated the electrical grid in their house. The effects will vary for each individual.

Before I learned about EMFs, I would sometimes go to sleep with my computer right next to me or under the bed – usually plugged in.

I also had electric outlets right behind the head of the bed with lights plugged in – yikes! What are the obvious EMF culprits in your bedroom and how can you make simple changes to get ‘em away from your sleepy head?

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