The Making Of GHE’s Third Eye Chakra Vibrational Mist

Third Eye Chakra Vibrational Mist

I have a vision and that vision is helping people heal. That is why Global Healing Exchange was started. My vision is to make a chakra range to help heal our bodies and then use that energy to help towards healing the earth.  So this is where the journey starts…

We Started Making The Third Eye Chakra Vibrational Mist On The 14.9.13

I invited Trish Anderson Young from Mermaid’s Garden and Narelle from Indigo Tarot to come along to help me make this blend. Trish has been making mists for years and the energy in her blends is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

She was also my teacher in making vibrational blends.

Trish will be making the fragrances to go in the mists too. Narelle is an AMAZING intuitive. I have had readings with her and it is as if she had researched my life before I got there. She was spot on with her reading.

So for the Third Eye Chakra I wanted to invite along two other intuitive people, Trish and Narelle were just perfect.

The Third Eye Chakra Influences: Spiritual awareness, psychic power, intuition, light. This Chakra acts as your inner compass.

Energies: Air, meditative, intuition, promotes thought

The Flower: Morning Glory (Aztec priests in Mexico were also known to use the plant’s hallucinogenic properties. As the Third eye is about intuition this was the perfect plant to use).

Purple: With origins of royalty, purple flowers now represent pride, dignity and success. Whether in a vase or cello, they show off accomplishment and admiration.

Crystal Used: Lapis Lazuli

Start Time: 9.53am

End Time: 10.55pm

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What Did We Do?

We did meditations, we played singing bowls, we played the Gasong Drum (this drum is divine). We sang the chakra sounds to the blend.

I used my crystal wand and gave the bowl Reiki. We meditated on the bowl and once we got an image we all drew what we saw. I was amazed that we ALL drew the same thing. We all drew an EYE. Check out the picture here.

We moved the blend further up to the rocks as the tide was coming in. The place I chose to put the blend was a rock pool. As I placed the blend into the pool the water surrounding the bowl went murky. One the sand settled it went clear again.

To me this symbolises many people, when they are developing their third eye, there visions are murky and they don’t trust what they are seeing BUT the more practise you get the clearer things become.

When making the blends we take notice of all the energies that are drawn towards us. We look into the bowl while the blend is being made and at the photos, and look at the images that appear and see what their message brings to the blend.

The Images That We See Are;

• (Beings) – faces and people

• The world

• Turtle

• Rainbows

• Eye

• White lady

• Rainbow circle

• Jesus Christ figure

• Dolphin

We also look at the clouds to see what shapes we see. Thoth was looking down on us. (Thoth was the god of wisdom, inventor of writing, patron of scribes and the divine mediator).

We Look At The Animals & What Those Animals Symbolize. Animals That Came To Give Their Energy –

Spider –

• Cunning

• Progressive

• Female

• Cyclical

• Rebirth

• Death

• Crafty

• Resourceful

• Creation

• Protection

• Fate

Seagull –

• Spiritual messengers

• Higher communication with guides

• How to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider

• A sense friendship and community and the cooperation that is needed for the whole to operate successfully

• Teaches how to ride the currents of the mental, emotional and physical worlds

Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being. It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action.

Wasp –

• Order

• Progress

• Team-work

• Involvement

• Development

• Productivity

• Construction

• Communication

Pelican –

• Buoyancy

• Unselfishness

• Reflection and insight

Pelicans teach us to rest and relax in spite of life’s heavy weight. Pelican balances use of good fortune and abundance with responsibility and priorities.

Pelican people can rise to the top no matter what life throws at them, no matter how weighed down them become with life’s trials and tribulations.

Emotional turmoil is often the weight in a Pelican person’s life. Pelican teaches you how not to be overcome by your troubles, but rather to rise above them.

Swallow –

• Power of objectivity

• Community fellowship

• Communications in a group environment

• Discernment

• Think quickly

• React appropriately

• Use the power of thoughts to manifest ideals

Crow –

• Change – Spiritual, mental and emotional

• Life, death, rebirth

• Transition magic

• Watchfulness

• Look for opportunities coming up

• Aids in ability to move spiritually and physically

Crows teach the power and balance of light/dark and spiritual/physical. He teaches to create and manifest things in our lives, all of life is waiting.

Butterfly –

• Transformations

• Joy

• Colour

• Gentleness

• Lightness

• Change in life

Awakens us to dance on the winds of life, teaches that growth doesn’t have to be painful, allows us to discover the important issues in life for conscious transformation.

Caterpillar –

• The infant stage prior to transformation

• Teaches patience that all things will come to fruition in nature’s time and not before

• Perfect timing and time of growth and harvesting preparation period.

Notice how you are moving like the caterpillar; inching along, resting, rapidly moving, pausing now and then. Caterpillar qualities will show one should move for the moment.

His lessons of movement and preparedness is for the greater good of the transformation that will be arriving.

Dragonfly –

• The pure essence and beautiful balance of changes in emotional/mental aspects and the effects on the body, mind and spirit.

• Transformation

• Shedding old illusions

• Releasing old perceptions and changing habits

• Mastery of moving with speed

• Agility and precision with grace

• Intuition

• Visions

• Dreams

• Visual and spiritual acuity

She speaks true transformation with many changes that are very swift with emphasis on the emotional and un/subconscious.

She teaches changes can be positive or negative, it depends on your level of acceptance of that change – just accept and allow the rebirth to happen.

Cormorant –

• Shows us how to dive in and to swim where we wouldn’t think possible

• Has a knack for accomplishing in unique ways what others could not seem to do

• Reminder for us to dive in to what we have been hesitating about

• Nobility

• Indulgence

• Abundance

I am looking forward to sharing the next Chakras with you…… You can see the photos here.

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Sharon White

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