The Making Of GHE’s Heart Chakra Vibrational Mist

Heart Chakra Vibrational Mist

I have a vision and that vision is helping people heal. That is why Global Healing Exchange was started. My vision is to make a chakra range to help heal our bodies and then use that energy to help towards healing the earth.  So this is where the journey starts…

We Started Making The Heart Chakra Vibrational Mist On The 12.9.13

I decided to do this Chakra with Steve Syms from Healing Hertz and Sara Carter from Chi-Me Health and Wellbeing. Steve (and Anna his partner) travel around the east coast of Australia with their gongs giving sound baths to hundreds of people.

I have been to a few and have felt AMAZING afterwards. Both Steve and Sara are two of the biggest hearted people I know, so I asked them to be a part in making this blend. They are both very good friends of mine and I LOVE them both.

The Heart Chakra Influences: Love, compassion, universal consciousness, emotional balance, relationships and self-acceptance

Energies: Water, calming, soothes, relaxes

The Flower: Purple Daisy

Green: Synonymous with nature, this colour represents health, resilience, good fortune and youth. Green flowers can send a message of optimism and renewal.

Crystal Used: Rose Quartz, Jade

Start Time: 10.10am

End Time: 11.53am

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What Did We Do?

Steve bought his gongs, singing bowl and beautiful sounding instruments (I’m not sure what they all were) and we started with a sound healing for each of us while laying on a Body Charger by Luminaya.

We had lots of dogs come close to us. We had one that was limping, that sat down very close to us and stayed while we were doing the healing and walked back to its owner afterwards.

The blend was sitting on a Heart Chakra mandala and we used orgonite chargers to help charge the energy.

We played instruments to the blend, meditations, and projected lots of LOVE. I used my crystal wand and gave the bowl Reiki. We did visualisations and meditations. Sara used did some re-connective healing. It was a BEAUTIFUL LOVING energy.

When making the blends we take notice of all the energies that are drawn towards us. We look into the bowl while the blend is being made and at the photos, and look at the images that appear and see what their message brings to the blend.

The Images That We See Are;

• Ancient masters

• Orbs

• Rainbows

• Light beings

• Pink dolphin

We Look At The Animals & What Those Animals Symbolize. Animals That Came To Give Their Energy –

Dog –

• Fidelity

• Loyalty

• Assistance

• Intelligence

• Obedience

• Protection

• Community

• Cooperation

• Resourcefulness

• Communication

• Sensory Perception

Butterfly –

• Transformations

• Joy

• Colour

• Gentleness

• Lightness

• Change in life

Awakens us to dance on the winds of life, teaches that growth doesn’t have to be painful, allows us to discover the important issues in life for conscious transformation.

Ants –

• Patience

• Order

• Discipline

A person with an ant totem is active, community-minded who sees future needs. You are a planner but content to build your dreams slowly over time. You are content in knowing that everything will come to you in time.

The ant teaches you how to become the architect of your life. The greatest success comes with persistence. The ant shows you how to work with others.

Ask yourself if you are making things harder than they need to be. Are you being patient with your own and others’ efforts? Using discipline, you can lay a foundation for success. The ant is the promise of success through effort.

Fish –

• Independence

• Potential

• Adaptation

Fish can teach us to adapt to all environments, they can teach us to streamline our lives, they can give us protection when we need it, and connect us to the creative element of life: water.

Swallows –

• Swallow teaches the power of objectivity

• Community fellowship

• Communications in a group environment

• Discernment and proper actions to avoid threats with tenacity, style and class.

Swallow shows how to think quickly, react appropriately and use the power of thoughts to manifest ideals. This animal will aid in your in own nesting instincts to create something from nothing.

Seagull –

• Spiritual messengers

• Higher communication with guides

• How to see above situations with a higher clarity and teaches that there are many perspectives to consider.

• A sense friendship and community and the cooperation that is needed for the whole to operate successfully.

• Teaches how to ride the currents of the mental, emotional and physical worlds.

Seagull can teach you many lessons of looking, living and being. It is time to listen and watch for the nuances and timing of action.

Kookaburra –

• Increased mental and spiritual activity

• Manifest your destiny by listening to your intuition

• Instruct how to remain grounded in the earth

• The art of timing and when to act

• Excellent visionary skills and seeing beyond the ordinary

Watch carefully what is going around you. Listen to your dreams and visions. He shows it is time for forward movement, letting go, forgiving the past.

I am looking forward to sharing the next Chakras with you…… You can see the photos here.

Inner Feelings & Words From The Inside – A Little Poem Or Reflection

Playing in the wind
The swallows take flight
Lots of little tingles
A burst of cyan light
Breakdown to release
There should be no pushing towards surrender
Connection of love
Vulnerability of belly
Air of turbulence
Water of flow
Direction to trust
Truth in the heart
The safe place we know
Turmoil and temptation
Shattering to Tranquillity

Into the heart , acceptance , peace and humility

Expose yourself to you

Your great , your unique , you are love

Steve Syms

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Sharon White – Founder Of Global Healing Exchange

Sharon White

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