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Self-Love & Chakras

Self-love is a huge topic with a wealth of information written about it, with many contrasting and conflicting views. In this article we are going...
chakra check in

Chakra Check-In. Quiz

Each of our chakras tell us something and they can tell us when we are out of balance. Use this quiz to find out...
Chakra Quiz

Chakra Quiz. Which Chakra Is Out Of Balance? [All Chakras]

Does your Chakra need work? What is Chakra? Find out in this Chakra quiz. When we are unbalanced in our Chakras, it effects us in...
Healing Service

Time For Reiki A Great Healing Service

There are times in your life when you don’t feel right but can’t put your finger on why or maybe you have been suffering...
Crown Chakra Vibrational Mist

The Making Of GHE’s Crown Chakra Vibrational Mist

I have a vision and that vision is helping people heal. That is why Global Healing Exchange was started. My vision is to make...