Katherine Baldwin Thompson

Vortex Subconscious Healing

Katherine Baldwin Thompson

I am the C.E.O and Founder of Angel Soul Healing. I am a Healer and teacher of The Vortex Subconscious Healing Modality. I am the Owner and Manager of The Angel Soul Healing School and Centre.

I am an Advanced Master in The Vortex Subconscious Sound Healing, Subconscious Specialist, Reiki Master, Shaman Master, Advanced Multi-Dimensional Soul healer, Pallowah Practitioner, Trance Channel Master and Doreen Virtue Realm worker. I purely channel Jesus, Kuan Yin, The Archangels of the universe, Uluru, pure source and so many more.

I needed to become the light so I too could be a light for millions.

My amazing ability to channel through the healing needed to clear your fears, phobia’s and life long believe systems and patterns is incredible.

The highly technical Healing focuses on the neurons of your brain, then track down deep into your subconscious where it is then removed.

Case studies of multiple personality disorder of 30 plus personalities brought down to one clear personality.

Case study of bipolar and depression dissolved in weeks.

Case Study of life long crippling fears evaporated in one session on many cases.

Case Study of phobias can be removed in one treatment.

Case study of healing a clients third degree burn in just three weeks, with no scaring or skin crafting needed.

The List of the results of The Vortex Subconscious Healing goes on and on.

A Vortex Subconscious Sound Specialist recodes and reconfigure the neurons in the brain and clears out the subconscious, deep into the deepest undercurrent of conditioning.