Katie Kempster

Hypnobirthing Facilitator

Katie Kempster

I am mum to two gorgeous boys who I hypnobirthed into the world with tremendous love, focus and strength, it was their empowering births that inspired me to become a Hypnobirthing Australia practitioner.

I am also trained and experienced as a Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula, Natural Therapist, Energetic Healer, Flower Essence specialist, Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Conscious birth leader and have been assisting couples of the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Central Coast to achieve calm and confident birth experiences since 2012.

My intention as an holistic birthing expert is to inspire women and their birthing companions to achieve both positive and sacred childbirth experiences, I believe that the facilitation of quality and independent childbirth education through the Hypnobirthing Australia program supports this intention wholeheartedly.

I know that everything a woman needs to birth her baby with strength, confidence and joy comes from deep within her. Birth is the ultimate instinctive act and even though in modern maternity practices it can sometimes be difficult to trust your instincts and know how to surrender, I am committed to reconnecting mamas to their feminine power, and to develop the trust and confidence in the inherent wisdom of their bodies.

I am a member of the Holistic Birth and Parenting Collective, supporting parents through all aspects of their pregnancy and birth journey and I am also a Positive Birth Movement facilitator, dedicated to expanding the message of positive birth in the community.

I offer group Hypnobirthing Australia classes from Dee Why, Northern beaches and also Copacabana, Central Coast. I also teach private classes across the Northern Beaches, North Shore and Central Coast.

I support mother’s to embrace and feel nourished in their pregnancy and assist them to create the birth experiences they truly deserve.

Katie X

“It was the most amazing and calm experience. The midwives couldn’t understand how I stayed so calm…they didn’t realize how advanced I was in labour… I can’t thankyou enough Katie for your hypnobirthing course and for all the wisdom and support that resulted in such a beautiful, calm birth for us all. ”

I am delighted to support you in your journey from pregnancy to birth!

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