Adrian Hanks

Teacher – Writer – Speaker

Adrian Hanks - Holistic Teacher, Writer and Speaker

I call myself a Teacher, Writer and Speaker. Under these main titles, I also work as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor and a Mentor and Facilitator.I am also the Founder and Director of The Blue Wren Foundation – which delivers empowering Relationship Education programs and services to men, women and couples.

I love to support, guide, positively challenge and inspire people to become even more conscious in their lives and to open up and live their lives to their true potential. I offer people the opportunity to work and study with me through one on coaching or counselling, by attending a workshop or by engaging in one of the Life Mastery programs that I have created.

I also love to play the didgeridoo, swim in the ocean, bush walk, spend time with family and friends and potter in my shed.

I do not claim to be wiser than you. I do claim to know that what I teach is my truth. If you want to reach your truth, I am willing to walk beside you whilst you explore.


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