The Art Of Being A Spiritual Leader Despite Fear

Spiritual Leader

What does it really mean to be a spiritual leader?  Is it speaking words of wisdom?  Is it preaching religious dogma?  Or is it acting as you speak with courage and conviction?

Is it going against the grain to share through words and actions your beliefs and truths?  Each of us, regardless of our professions, is really a spiritual leader.

To be a leader of any sort, especially a spiritual leader one must be fearless.  One must be fearless to take the action behind the words spoken which sometimes is more difficult than imagined.  Everyone has their own fears; it is part of human nature.

This is true even of spiritual leaders.  There are ways to break the bonds of fear and become empowered.

The first step in empowering yourself is to acknowledge that you even have fears.  Confront them honestly.  In confronting the fears within you are able to truly see what the cause of the block truly is.

Simply stopping at acknowledging the fear can create the mind set of “I dare not go there”.  This mind set will only further hinder you in empowering yourself.  Look at what the fear is.  Is it really rejection – we all want to be accepted.

In acknowledging the fear exists and where it is from you are taking the first step in being able to release the fear.  It takes a great deal of humility to accept that you are in fear.

Understand though that fear in its hundred forms will cloud your emotions and judgments.  To be able to see clearly, it is vital to act rather than react.  The energy of fear places us in the energy of reacting.

Now to release those fears you have to have an action plan that will allow you enough courage to conquer them.  Understand that most fears are unfounded and ungrounded.  Our mind set in society today seems to be to look for or think of the worst case scenario.

This mindset is why it is vital to find the root cause of the fear.  As an example, a personal fear of mine was speaking from a podium.

Considering the fact that as a chosen avocation I teach and lecture, it was definitely a fear that was hindering my ability to not only be a leader but to function in my chosen field.  It was necessary for me to have a plan to conquer the fear.

Creating the plan of action required that I delve into the real root causes of the fear.  On the surface I could list 101 reasons for the fear.  The root cause took a bit more work.  I sat down with paper and pencil and began to write out those 101 reasons.

As you write out your own list of why you have a specific fear, watch for patterns.  These patterns are the pieces of the puzzle that will create the bigger picture of the root cause.  It boiled down to fear of rejection and esteem issues that were rooted back to my childhood.

I had been called a half-breed which affected by self-esteem and confidence in my path.  In going back to the root of the cause in my own life, I could then trace it back generationally.

This process allowed a defined release and shift in mind set to regain my empowerment back to live my truth.

In this self-discovery process it may be that the fear has multiple layers that have created wounds that need to be healed.  This process took lifetimes and will take time to break the old belief pattern.  Be patient with yourself as you work through these root causes.

It is vital to not become discouraged with your journey in releasing and breaking the bonds of fear.  You are developing skills that are part of becoming a spiritual leader.  Courage is developed through acting despite the fear.

Empower yourself today as a spiritual leader and release the fears that have held you bondage.

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Dr Carla Goddard

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