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what is spiritual healing

What Is Spiritual Healing & Is There Any Danger Or Risk Involved?

I was asked "Is there any danger or risk involved in spiritual healing?" Before any of these questions can be answered, it is important...
Root Chakra

The Root Chakra – Your Tribal Roots

The root chakra is the base of all the power centers of the human form. Although physically located at the base of the spine,...
Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra – Are You ‘Addicted’ To The Process?

The heart chakra is the marriage center of the human energy matrix.  It “marries” the lower three main vortex’s with the upper three.  It...
Energy Tune Up

Energy Tune Up

Can you explain how to do "energy tuneup" to align the chakras? Great question and one I actually get alot from clients. Scientifically speaking, you...
Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra – Honor One Another Don’t Commit ‘Rape’

This week we look at the sacral chakra.  This is the partnership chakra where we truly Honor One Another.  We are in partnership in...
Ancient Traditions In Chakras

Comparison Of Ancient Traditions In Chakras

Since time immemorial there have been acknowledgment of an energy system in the human body. These ancient teachings describe a non-physical energy that exists. Different...
Energy Vampire

Beware The Energy Vampire!

Years ago I was caught in a negative cycle - a continuous loop of self-doubt, boredom, dissatisfaction and whinging. I was extremely unhappy in...
Mysteries Of Life

The Mysteries Of Life Unknown Realities Experienced

"The mystery of life is not a problem to be solved but a reality to be experienced."-- Aart Van Der Leeuw This quote was posted...
these times

These Times

More and more, I approach this message to you with caution. What can I say in these times? What can I offer that will...
Ascension Sickness

Ascension Sickness – Is it Real?

I am receiving multiple questions on the 'ascension' symptom theories, so I am re posting a blog that answers those questions. What is ascension...

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