You have a Guardian Angel and an army of Archangels to call upon for assistance whenever you are in need of a helping hand.

Because you have free will and are in control of your life your Angels are unable to intervene “without your invitation” unless it is a life threatening situation.

You can request their assistance simply by asking out loud or in your mind. No request for help goes unanswered however it may not be delivered in the form you might expect.

For example: if you had a mystery illness and asked the Angels to make you better, you may not receive a miraculous recovery but instead coincidentally stumble upon an alternative therapist who specializes in your illness.

Once you’ve asked for help, make sure to pay attention because the Angels will send you intuitive ideas, opportunities and coincidences, so be sure to follow up.

Archangels are Angels of high rank who you can call on for specialised assistance such as:

Archangel Michael For ‘anything and everything’ especially protection
Archangel Raphael for anything health and body related such illness, diet, heartache
Archangel Ariel for anything relating to finances
Archangel Metatron for anything relating to children

You can communicate with your Angels simply by speaking to them out loud or in your mind, through meditation and visualisation or by using your own deck of ‘Angel Oracle Cards’.

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