Past Lives & Reincarnation


You are a soul, a timeless mass of energy that continues to live on long after your physical body has died. That is why Deb Webber and other mediums can communicate with the soul energy of those who have passed.

Your soul’s purpose for living is to learn and grow through each life experience and as it sets out on its journey it encounters soul mates along the way.

Each soulmate experience is an opportunity to grow, and many of your loved ones have been with you for many lives.

A soul cannot learn everything it needs to grow in only ‘one’ lifetime, therefore it continues to reincarnate and live many different lives.

The majority of us have no conscious memory of our past lives, but just because we don’t remember them, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. You have lived (and will continue to live) a variety of lives.

Somewhere you were/are female and somewhere you were/are male. You’ve lived fortunate lives and others not so fortunate, but contrary to popular belief, you weren’t necessarily famous and you definitely weren’t an animal or an angel.

One thing to be aware of is that outstanding past life karma can influence your present life. So watch out for next week’s column on ‘Karma’ where I tell you how it works.

For further information about past lives and the soul’s ‘life between lives’ I recommend Dr Michael Newton – ‘Journey of Souls’ or ‘Destiny of Souls’ and Brian Weiss MD – ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’. Both are a stimulating read and will set your mind at ease.

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Michelle Buchanan – Numerologist & Law Of Attraction Practitioner, TVNZ “Good Morning” & “Woman’s Day” Numerologist

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