Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

Every human being has a spirit guide. Your spirit guide was assigned to you before birth and may have been with you for many previous lives.

Your ‘main’ spirit guide is not one of your deceased relatives although you do have ‘ancestral’ guides who come to help from time to time.

Your main spirit guide remains with you your entire life and is not necessarily of American Indian or human descent as some are from higher dimensions beyond Planet Earth.

Your Spirit Guide is simply a ‘guide’ working as your silent partner behind the scenes to ensure achieve your life purpose and adhere to your pre chosen life plan.

Your soul mate cannot take over your life or intrude upon your free will.

They simply guide you to take certain action through intuitive ideas, dreams and  synchronicities when you are in need of assistance or are drifting off track. Whether you listen or not is entirely up to you.

Alongside your main guide you have additional ‘specialist’ guides who come in and out of your life to assist in specific areas. For example: a musical guide will assist when you are playing or writing music, but will leave when the job is done.

You can communicate with your guides through meditation, dreams and automatic writing. It is important to ask for their help whenever you are in need by asking in your mind or out loud.

Spirit Guides are not to be confused with Guardian Angels, although each of us has both.

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