The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

Spirituality and science can be utterly compatible, bringing insight to each other. This is not only possible, it’s occurring more and more as time advances into the future.

A rather recent theory called Chaos Theory has liberated many and at the same time has brought fear to others.

And yet this theory brings the strongest case in favor of the idea that everyone, or everything, makes a difference. This case I’m referring to is called The Butterfly Effect.

The Butterfly Effect is a major tenet of Chaos Theory explaining how small, seemingly insignificant, actions can have extremely complex effects.

There is an utter dependence on initial conditions to bring about a result of any magnitude, large or small.

This means that if any element were missing initially, the result sometime later, would be entirely different. Tiny variations can affect, and are ultimately necessary contributors to, giant systems or massive events.

The already legendary example, is how a butterfly flying on one side of the planet affects a hurricane(or typhoon) on the other side of the planet.

The hermetic principle ‘as above, so below’ has found application throughout history in many forms of spirituality and world views.

In light of the topic under discussion, this principle pertains to how that which is true for the physical realm, would also be true for the higher realms as well, such as economics, sociology, spiritual trends, the evolution of consciousness, etc…

As most agree that all realms are interdependent as a functioning wholeness, ‘the butterfly effect’ would be operative in all, and through all, these realms. In other words, what happens in the spiritual affects the physical and vice versa.

Now is the butterfly aware of how it affected a hurricane on the other side of the planet? Probably not, and yet this doesn’t change the reality that it did affect a hurricane.

Amongst humans, an equivalent concept is how people help others in ways they are not aware of. An exact equivalent example would be how a nice gesture at a store, affects a revolution, which saves the planet from destruction.

Maybe that ‘gesture’ caused the individual to notice something about you, that triggered the memory of an interest, that made sense of a trauma, that causes healing, that compels a phone call to an old friend, that has changed because of a cause, that needs help with the cause,

that reaches a certain person because of the new direction of the cause, that through being reached quits her job, that because she quit-the company goes bankrupt, that causes a larger corporation to try and fill the gap, that brings awareness of the inappropriateness of this large corporation, that causes the society to lean toward another industry,

that brings into an election a certain candidate, that gets elected, that starts a war based on fear, that causes the collapse of the economy, that effects a civilization, that for survival reasons changes an entire system,

that is environmentally conscious, that is cheaper and provides for everyone, that allows time for the planet to break down pollutants and toxins, that makes the planet more able to yield healthy substances, that gives humanity time to advance with interstellar travel, that allows the discovery of another habitable planet, etc…….

Just an example. The point is, that you make a difference, even if you don’t think so.

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Matt Collman

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