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Releasing Emotions To Better Health & Wellness

It has been a crazy month of healing for me. My intention was to release the water retention my body is holding onto. Even...

Releasing Trauma Through Sound Healing

Last night it was a super moon. A super moon is the time when the moon is closer to the earth and it looks...

Healing Using Vibration. A Journey To Wellness.

Healing using vibration and sound has been used for centuries. If you look back at ancient civilisations most of them incorporated healing with sound...
releasing emotions

Releasing Painful Emotions

It has been 14.5 years since my dad left this world. They say time heals and I believe it does and sometimes it feels...

Are You Addicted To Drama? Do You Want To Be Free?

Eckhart Tolle believes we create and maintain problems and drama because they give us a sense of identity, it becomes a familiar pattern of...

Jealousy – What Does It Look Like Energetically?

Question:  You said that you ‘saw’ jealousy as the root cause of my energetic problem, can you explain what that looks and feels like...
Leading A Life Of Faith

Letting Go (Release) Of Control: Leading A Life Of Faith

I found that I was not ready to let go of my boyfriend when he was dying after a six-year battle with cancer. The...

What Drives Your Reaction To Different Situations?

I had forgotten how many squirrels are in the Midwest. Every time I walk into the backyard where I am staying, at least one...
How Stories Heal

How Stories Heal

There are stories, and then there are stories. The old stories, and new stories told in the old way, are not the kind of...

Emotions – What Are They?

Emotions are states of consciousness. They are generated in special energy structures of the human organism — chakras. (Electric processes, registered in the brain merely...

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