Cancer, The Mind – Body – Pain Equation. The Mind-Body Connection

The Mind-Body Connection

I first witnessed the successful alternative treatment of a serious illness way back in 1978, and it literally blew me away. The Mind-Body Connection is so powerful.

I had heard about a husband and wife medical team: Carl and Stephanie Simonton, and knew that they were cancer specialists who had pioneered a 5 day cancer treatment program.

Denounced by many as rebels, mavericks and heretics, the Simontons were truly cutting-edge. As a young man starting out in psychosomatic and psychodynamic transformation, I was inspired by their courage, and their work opened up a whole new world for me.

The Simontons identified a key link between emotional trauma and cancer. They stated that the single biggest emotional factor which was common across all cancer patients, was that they had each suffered a significant loss in the 6 to 18 months before their diagnosis.

However, it was not the loss itself that was the critical factor, but the way it was perceived by the individual. If the person responded to the event with a deep sense of hopelessness or “giving up”, this caused the patient’s body to suppress its immune system and they were more susceptible to producing abnormal cells.

The Simonton method integrated powerful visualisation together with a very healthy diet, counseling, and meditation. Participants were asked to picture themselves as a knight on a white horse.

They imagined that they were holding a sword and killing their cancer cells; empowering their immune system to overcome the enemy.

For a number of patients, this focus on visualisation and emotional support enabled them to significantly outlive their initial prognoses, and their quality of life was considerably enhanced.

The Mind-Body Connection

The Simonton method has evolved significantly over the years. However, the fundamental premise underlying their work remains unchanged: most disease originates from the mind.

Let me explain in simple terms, how emotional pain affects the body’s healthy functioning.

Let’s suppose you have a family member or boss who constantly criticises or suppresses you over a long period of time.

They could do this in subtle ways: a comment here and there, a certain disapproving look every time you eat too much or make a mistake.

Or, they could do it in humiliating and overt ways, putting you down in front of other people and making you feel small and worthless.

This is known as invalidation.

In many cases, invalidation can come across as well-intentioned concern about your welfare. However, intuitively you know the difference: invalidation makes you feel “bad” about yourself.

Over time, constant invalidation can cause us to contract our muscles.

We hold our body in particular positions so that we can ‘protect’ ourselves, and this causes constant stress reactions in our bodies which can make us sick and eventually (over many years) manifest in the form of chronic pain.

The poison that lies within invalidation is that after a while, without realising it, we start to believe the invalidating statements.

They become deeply entrenched and we give our power away. We lose contact with our self-love, and we start to habitually betray ourselves and the vibrant potential locked up inside our souls.

Break Free From The Invalidation Cycle

The problem is that you may love the person who is invalidating you. However, as hard as it may be, you need to cut the emotional cord between you and them.

The culprit may be threatened by your greatness or might be co-dependent and scared that they’re going to lose you if you pursue your own dreams.

This is your life: It’s yours to claim and, if you stay in this toxic environment, your health, vitality and dreams will all be jeopardised.

Healing The Pain Of Invalidation & Embracing The Mind-Body Connection

His methods are facilitated today by trained Reichian therapists and some Core Energetic, Bioenergetic and Somatic therapists. It remains a deeply powerful option for people who want to take their power back and restore their emotional and physical health.

Dr. John Sarno  – Emotions & Pain

Dr. Sarno is a famous back pain specialist from New York. He was as conservative a western medical physician as you can get. Then he noticed certain inconsistencies in the treatment of back pain.

His theory is that pain…

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The Mind-Body Connection


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