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Work Related Stress

Work Related Stress

Do you struggle to get up and get to work? Dream of throwing your laptop into the harbour? Your Blackberry has become an enemy...
What Can You Learn From Meditation

What Can You Learn From Meditation? Which Celebrities Use It?

One of the many great things about meditation is that there’s no one-size-fits-all formula. There are many different meditation techniques, many different benefits, and...

Relax Your Mind Using Breath

More and more people are tired of being stressed and are desperately searching for answers on how to relax especially at the moment when...
Staying Healthy During Holidays

Tips To Staying Healthy During Holidays

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I literally shut down the busy, hectic schedule I usually keep, & for the last 2 weeks...

The Universe Always Provides. Trust In Its Power.

Recently I have been tested by the universe and have been wondering if i should let go of the things that serve me no...

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