Do You Listen To Your Body? A Journey To Health & Wellness


I know this seems like a funny question but did you know your body talks to you? It talks to you via your emotions and through your physical body, your nerves, muscles and energy system.

How aware are you? Do you pay attention? Do you know how to listen? Do you realise you can improve your health?

This is something that has taken me years to understand. All physical symptoms have a mental cause. For example; problems with your eyesight could mean that there is something in your past you did not want to see.

So if you didn’t want to see your parents fight or argue, you may get short sighted vision. Or as many of you know I couldn’t speak my mind when I was a child so my words got stuck in my throat and I ended up with a thyroid issue.

I know that I carry tension in certain places and many of us do, You can look up and see what these areas mean and what they are telling you. (Check out Louise Hay).

The thing that has taken me much longer to understand is you can talk to other peoples bodies as well. I still see a handful of clients that I work with physically and energetically.

When I am in a state of calm and allowing, while working with my clients I get all sorts of pictures, feelings and messages that come to me for my clients.

I may get a picture of something that happened in their childhood of something they need to work on in order to release the tension or issue in the body.

I may get a date or a persons name come to me that helps my client understand what is going on in their body, or I might get feelings flood over me that have been stuck in their body.

My clients and I find that as I am talking to them and telling them what I am picking up, the tension starts to decrease in their physical body.

Like our minds, our body wants to serve us and if you really listen to it you can learn so much. If we work on our mind and our body AMAZING things happen.

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do To Listen To Your Body

1. Get Away From Distraction

Find somewhere that relaxes you, stay still and turn your attention inwards. If you are in pain, go to that part of your body and ask the pain, what is the purpose of the pain. What is the pain trying to tell you.

What do you need to know or hear? Like anything worthwhile this takes practise and patience but you will learn how to get into a dialogue with your body. When you can do this you will really start living a healthier life.

2. You Must Be Open To Your Body

It’s always speaking to you, be willing to listen. Listen to your emotions, really start to feel what your body is telling you through emotions.

3. Learn To Meditate

This state of calm is the same state I am in when I am working with my clients and this is when the messages come in. The more you practise this calm state the easier this process will be.

I would love to hear how you go on your journey to listening to your body. Keep practising and build an inner dialogue with your body.

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