21 Complaints Women Have About Men They Dated

Complaints Women Have About Men

(Only for men that want to be more attractive to women).

Hey guys, after working with thousands of women I can tell you I have some solid insider information.  I am sure that – like myself – you will see yourself in some complaints. This is a good opportunity to reassess your blind spots while dating.

Complaint List –  This Is Only The Beginning

  1. Asking women out via text message.  Unless you’re 15 years old pick up the damn phone & call her.
  2. Never give a woman advice about her appearance on dates. A compliment is cool but only if it’s sincere.
  3. Poor manners. Don’t over eat and drink. Remember dates are like job interviews. She is assessing  everything you do and she is smart for doing so.
  4. Agree to meet her family and friends before you are ready to be exclusive. If you need to go slower let her know. She will respect your honesty.
  5. Talk about how beautiful she is and how it makes you nervous. It makes her think you are a wimp.
  6. Ask her on a date without a plan for the evening. Make a booking / reservation in advance and show up on time.
  7. Never talk about your ex on a date – unless she asks.
  8. Never gossip and criticize previous partners. Focus on the woman sitting in front of you.
  9. Ask her a question and not listen to her answer. Self absorption in men is a big turn off to women.
  10. Looking at phone messages on dates. This one seems obvious but apparently lots of men do it.
  11. Putting her on a pedestal. Women do not want to be worshiped. They want to be loved by an equal man who really knows how to claim his woman.
  12. Obsessing over her. Never make a woman the center of your world. She will get bored very quickly.  Women love and respect a man with an amazing life who knows where he’s going.
  13. Inviting her into your messy apartment. It makes her think you’re a slob with no respect for her. If you are busy hire a cleaner.
  14. Lecturing her or offering unsolicited advice. She is not looking for another dad. She’s looking for an amazing man who wants to support her dreams
  15. Talk about yourself and how great you are all night long. Only insecure men do this. Let her decide for herself if you are great catch.
  16. Rushing her into a relationship. Let the relationship unfold. Smart women know that men who rush into things tend to rush out of them just as quickly. What’s the hurry?
  17. Rushing her into bed. Slow down boy. Women are sick and tired of being objectified. Connect with her emotionally first.  Build a friendship. Touch her at first affectionately and warmly. She will let you know when she is ready for more physical intimacy. Impatient boys sometimes don’t get dessert.
  18. Promising to call her and then not calling. If you get caught up at work let her know. If you play games or act aloof you may lose something precious.
  19. Slowly phasing her out of your life. If she is not the one be upfront and tell her. Remember what goes around comes around. If the shoe was on the other foot how would you want to be treated?
  20. Not reading her signals. Women send out powerful messages of attraction.  If she does you better hug her and kiss her.  Let her know the feeling is mutual or you could miss out.
  21. Failing to take action. Don’t let fear hold you back.  If you like her let her know. He who hesitates is lost.  Beautiful women are not single for very long. A word to the wise.

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