Money Is Energy

Money Is Energy

In a world which is increasingly affluent, rich and abundant, why is that the human consciousness is predominantly focussed upon poverty and scarcity? Why do we not realise that money is energy?

Clients often ask me how I manage to manifest clients, money, possessions and abundance of everything I desire so easily! Believe me, it was not always that way.

In the past, I didn’t really understand that I held the key to true abundance within me and was often unconscious to my own thoughts and actions. Rather than relying upon my own wisdom, I looked for other people to give me what I wanted.

Now I know that the basic law of prosperity is IDENTICAL – life works like a mirror. What we radiate out through our thoughts, feelings, mental pictures, words and actions, we will magnetise in to our lives and affairs.

If we send out thoughts and feelings of lack, limitation, shortage and bad experiences, we will just create more of it. For example if we worry about not having enough money to pay your bills or enough money to buy what we want – we will create more of this.

Ultimately, It is up to us to dare to radiate outward through our thoughts, feelings and actions what we really want to experience in life – rather what we don’t want!

Before we go on, let’s take a few minutes to consider the true meaning of prosperity? In actual fact, to prosper actually has little to do with money. It actually means to succeed and grow and love. Doesn’t that feel good?

In reality, if you want to increase the amount of abundance in your life, the key is to feel and act prosperous even when your finances are a little short.

It may take a little effort, but it won’t take long before you get into the habit & feeling prosperous regardless of your current financial situation.

The key is “Can you still feel rich and abundant even when you don’t have money?” Can you perceive your richness in your heart? Can you see the wealth around you of the people who love you, the blue sky, the trees? When you can ‘see’ this, then you know you are rich.

Every time we spend money, whether for groceries, bills, or entertainment, be sure to bless it for the service is providing you.

If you choose to send your money out moaning and begrudgingly, fearing you won’t have enough, hating to spend it, it will automatically block the flow from the universe.

Aim to recognise money as a source of energy that is providing a service to you that you accept with gratitude.

Remember, through persistence, confidence and acceptance, we can draw the universal supply of all abundant things into our lives and the supply of the universe is limitless.

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With a background in nursing, pathology, autopsy knowledge, Jean Sheehan is an award winning and internationally recognised Coach and Medical intuitive.

Jean has also been featured in numerous radio, TV and magazine articles. To find out more about Jean and her work, check out her website.

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