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Gone are the days where crystals are only used by fortune tellers, hippies and gypsies, these days they’re used in anything from high end...
Change The World

Collectively – We Can Change The World

Everything in the entire Universe is comprised of energy ie. Everything has an ‘energy vibration’ therefore everything is alive. This includes plants, animals, Planet...
Soul Mates

Soul Mates

If the concept of ‘soul mates’ sounds too good to be true then you’re missing out on all of the fun. Not only are...

We Are The Lightworkers – Awakening To Our Sacred Purpose

I awoke one morning in February with the beginning of this short essay already ‘in my ears’ as if someone was speaking them to...

Your Angels Are Waiting

It’s true, we all have guardian angels!  Yet, most of us rarely acknowledge their presence or seek their help. Your angels are with you always...

The Inner Spoke Walk – Enlightenment

We have seen the gateway to the spiritual world.  We have reflected upon beliefs and attitudes, their definitions and the connection between all things. ...
Transforming Wounds

Transforming Wounds Through Pauses – Planting A Seed

As I have expanded my horizons, I have had some questioning of my own theories, perceptions and my own truths. At times, situations give...
what is spiritual healing

What Is Spiritual Healing & Is There Any Danger Or Risk Involved?

I was asked "Is there any danger or risk involved in spiritual healing?" Before any of these questions can be answered, it is important...
Root Chakra

The Root Chakra – Your Tribal Roots

The root chakra is the base of all the power centers of the human form. Although physically located at the base of the spine,...
Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra – Are You ‘Addicted’ To The Process?

The heart chakra is the marriage center of the human energy matrix.  It “marries” the lower three main vortex’s with the upper three.  It...

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