We Are An Intentional Expression Of Oneness


We are an intentional expression of Oneness, the Divine essence that is the origin of the universe.

Each child carries within him a seed of intention, a sense of purpose. It is when we live contrary to our inner purpose that there is a detrimental reaction from within which manifests itself in various unhealthy ways.

We are an intentional the Divine essence that is the origin of the universe.

Each child carries within him a seed of intention, a sense of purpose. It is when we live contrary to our inner purpose that there is a detrimental reaction from within which manifests itself in various unhealthy ways.

When in this paradigm we pretend to live life, we pretend by expressing certain values which are in contradiction to what deep inside we know ourselves to be.

We tell ourselves to act, think & do the things that we believe is what we are ‘supposed’ to do, be & feel. To do this effectively we need to lose ourselves in hypocrisy & we can become so lost that we forget who we are.

From the moment we were born we have been told who we are and what we should believe. With the best of intentions parents, teachers, religions, cultures, home countries and more have claimed us as “their’s”.

All our lives, as we grew, there have been others who new better than us how we needed to be. Not to mention our own misinterpretations and detrimental self-talk.

It is time to look within subjectively, to find our inner Grace & certainty, before looking externally for teachers. Each must “Know Thyself” both strengths and weaknesses, through the lens of kindness, to facilitate personal evolution.

Ask yourself “ Does what I believe serve my best interests?” If not, then transform your beliefs into nurturing beliefs. Never listen to the inner voice that berates you, this is not you.

When we begin to follow our own inner joy we find we are much more happy, fulfilled, effective, and proactive.Then when we introspect and ask ourselves, who am I? What is it that I want to do? We find different answers to the ones we were given.

Objective perception of the world around us and subjective expression of our inner consciousness is the nurturing way.

When we observe anything objectively, we see it as it is; in this moment, without judgement and without taking it personally. The beauty by which we are surrounded begins to shine through.

Adding to this objective perception our own subjective expression of beauty adds to the magic of our environment. Enriching life for everyone.

We know that whatever we pay attention to changes in it’s quality. Quantum physicists showed this through the Double Slit Experiment. Therefore, we can see with our own eyes, that attention is the inherent power of transformation.

Breathing for example is automatic, however when you become aware of your breathing it changes the quality of the breath, inevitably it becomes deeper & more harmonious; smoother.

That change in the quality of breathing brings in more subtle substances….the transformation of being has to do with a qualitative shift.

A new consciousness requires a new body, and a new body is partly generated by a different quality of breathing as is achieved during meditation, concentration and or coherence.

When we are in coherence it is easy to recognise that diversity and individuality are among the greatest blessings we have received. In this paradigm we shift into a state of harmony in unity with Creation and the Heart of Universal Consciousness.

Ancient Shamans looked into the Heart of the universe, and saw how the universe came to be out of No-Thing-ness through Universal Consciousness. They recognised the unity, balance, harmony and diversity within this consciousness and witnessed it become the universe we know today.

The Ancient Wisdoms were handed down from Shaman to Initiate through art, music, dance and ritual. As guardians with a Sacred Trust they looked after Mother Earth and Her inhabitants.

Knowing all Beings as Sentient, they understood the Natural Laws and lived in harmony with Nature, ensuring the survival of future generations.

They spoke in different languages, had different music, dances, rituals, yet all knew that we are all flowers of the Earth, each as beautiful as the next, each valued for their inherent uniqueness.

Here is where we find and learn unconditional acceptance and appreciation of our own Spirit, our bodymind, our emotional bonds and begin to see the wonders of life in all Life’s aspects.

The devolution of humankind led the teachings of the Ancient Mystery Schools to hide behind the veils, lest they be rent apart by the exponents of dogma, with the Wisdoms being handed down in ‘secret’.

Even though, some initiates misused their knowledge to gain power over others. Later, the crazy culture of commercialism began destroying the fabric of the life of the soul.

We exist; in the flow of the universal evolution of consciousness. It is not just here on Earth, but throughout the Cosmos that consciousness evolves. Sometimes one must look into the abyss before climbing out to transform and renew with a fresh perspective.

Then can we truly appreciate the magic and begin to re-remember the Wisdom Teachings.

Ancient Wisdom can metaphorically be seen as a large brown onion. The outer layers, the exoteric knowledge still contains within it some of the original properties but they are dried out, thin, and crumble easily.

The inner layers as you peel them back, layer by layer, hold and hide within their layers the teachings which can lead to the heart of the Esoteric Wisdoms.

Within Esoteric Wisdom the transmission of certain teachings only occurs directly from teacher to student during an initiation or empowerment and cannot be simply learned from a book.

Many techniques are also commonly said to be secret, but secrecy itself is not the important factor and only a side-effect of the reality that the techniques have no validity outside the initiated’s lineage.

To engage in Esoteric practice, a person should have received such an initiation or permission.

At certain times the Bodymind is in a very subtle state which can be used by advanced practitioners to transform the Mindstream.

Such Liminal times are known in Tibetan Buddhism as Bardo states and include such transitional states as during meditation, dreaming, sex and death.

If these techniques are not practiced properly, practitioners may harm themselves physically and mentally, also causing great harm to those whom they had thought to help. To avoid these dangers, the practice is kept “secret”.

Secrecy and commitment are aspects of the sacred bond that protects both the practitioner and the integrity of the teachings.

The teachings may also be considered “self-secret”; meaning that even if they were to be told directly to a person, that person would not necessarily understand the teachings with proper context.

In this way the teachings are “secret” to the minds of those who are not following the path with more than a simple sense of curiosity.

The esoteric transmission framework can take varying forms. There are a number of True esoteric teachings available to the earnest student and a handful of minor sub-schools utilising lesser amounts of esoteric materials.

There are also Exoteric teachings, some erroneously being touted as Esoteric without being what they claim.

Anyone who is serious about learning Esoteric Wisdoms should first consider their motives for whoever hopes to obtain fame, wealth, honor and power over others should not proceed.

The Law of Cause & Effect is an immutable Universal Law that has its aspect in the Akasha principle, its significance is deeply profound.

Everything in the macrocosm and microcosm came into being through the elements through the Causal Plane. 

Esoteric Wisdoms contain the Sacred Science holding the knowledge which teaches us how to understand and utilize the Universal Laws. Whoever is serious about their development will find the proper guidance.

It is the responsibility of each individual to use their objective perception, then look to their own Heart Centre through subjective introspection to find their Path. When the student is ready the Teacher will appear.

The Mysteries are not just something to be solved. They are to be celebrated. Through music, philosophy, language, art, etc ad infinitum. This is a wondrous time to be alive.

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Jennabeth Moss

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