Super Useful Tip To Improve Weight Loss Results: When The Same Old Thinking Is Getting You The Same Old Results

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Mindset is all powerful.  I am a massive believer in the power of a positive mindset and our ability to achieve amazing things, when we set our thinking right.

Why am I such a big believer?  Because I practice what I preach as well as experiencing the results first hand, with clients.

When I work with clients wanting to achieve a healthy weight, one on one and in group environments, I put as much focus on mindset as I do on exercise & nutrition.

I firmly believe that the foundation for successful, long term healthy weight management is a powerful three pronged approach: Nutrition, Exercise and Mindset.  But so many people focus on just 1 or 2 of these, rarely bringing the three together.

From my experience, without a balanced focus on each, long term, you’re likely to be fighting an uphill battle.

So today, I’m going to talk about one little change that can make a big difference to your journey towards achieving a healthy weight and maintaining it. Notice, I didn’t say ‘your journey to weight loss’.  Let’s look at why.

Typically when we refer to having ‘lost’ something, it’s often something (or even someone) of value, something that we either feel the need to find again or to mourn.

It’s rarely something we were consciously trying to get rid of and there is usually an emotional connection.  The mentality of ‘loss’ doesn’t bring about peace of mind or a desire to let go or move on.

Hmmmm …  see how a ‘losing’ mentality could really hold you back from reaching the long term results you crave.  You spend weeks, months often, trying to ‘lose’ the weight only to have your subconscious start trying to ‘get it back’ at some point.

Have you ever consciously tried to lose anything other than weight?

Think about it for a moment.  Losing things happen by accident or chance, they’re not something we can control.

So, is there a solution?  I believe yes.  I believe that switching your thinking to a ‘gaining’ mindset can be the answer. A ‘gaining’ mindset is about adding something positive to your life and your body, it has a feeling of creating something vital, vibrant, strong and healthy.

A ‘gaining’ mentality can cause ‘losing’ results. The clarity and focus on ‘gaining’ will take away any feelings of ‘loss’ or deprivation, leaving less risk of self sabotage and a much higher chance of long term success.

So, if you’re on a ‘weight loss’ program try shifting your focus to a ‘gaining’ mentality.  Instead of “I’m trying to lose 5kg’s” try “I’m successfully building strength, energy and self confidence”.

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Sonya Lovell

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