Stress & You


We all have stress in our lives, some positive and some negative. I find that when I am working with clients many have a perception of stress as being mainly mental or emotionally based.

It is very important to know that with every thought we have there is a corresponding emotional response. Every emotion then has a hormonal and energetic reaction within our bodies. Mental / emotional stress will manifest physically within our bodies in many ways.

When we create what we want in our life, this increases our energy, when we create what we don’t want it then decreases our energy.

So, negative thought patterns, depressions, withholding things and or feelings that need to be said to loved ones, family or friends all impact.

Living a life that is not true to you, not having enough time to ourselves, financial stress, feelings of unworthy are all a massive stresses on our physical being. Stress also comes from many other areas that we perhaps don’t think about so much.

Poor posture and pain in the body are a huge stress, and this sucks our energy. Too much, not enough or the wrong type of exercise all takes its toll. Shallow or poor breathing patterns and late nights all create physical stress.

Then we have chemical stress where there are to many chemicals going into our system in the form of food additives, preservatives, colouring, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, all on and in our foods with out us realising.

Some other forms of stress are synthetic body lotions that we put on our skin, makeup, and hair dyes. Also people working in toxic environments like car painters, and many other sorts of industrial jobs.

Electromagnetic stress has a large impact with people sitting at computers all day, cell phones and other microwave-based equipment.

Nutritional stress is when people make poor food choices and are not eating right for their metabolic type, choosing poor quality processed foods, protein powders and bars, coloured sports drinks, skipping meals etc. All these add stress to our body.

Medical drugs, alcohol and recreational drugs very quickly put us into a catabolic state.

The point I am presenting to you is that when we have stress of any kind it all filters into our body and we release too many stress hormones such as Cortisol.

We have to have Cortisol in our body to function well, but having too much puts us into a state where we cannot repair and recover.

This is called a catabolic state. When you are in a catabolic state, your ability to recover and repair is diminished.

Too much Cortisol kills brain cells, ages you rapidly, decreases digestion, gives an array  of physiological dysfunctions such as aches pain, niggles and suppresses the immune system.

Stress & You

Everyone experiences stress in his or her lives. We have to accept that, there is however things that we can do to reduce the bad stress that can impact on our lives.

Some Of These Are:

  • In times of stress think positive thoughts or resolutions to the situation or conditions that are present.
  • Use diaphragmatic breathing, breathing deep in to your diaphragm to release pent up energy.
  • Keep hydrated at all times; maintain a good intake of pure, filtered water on a daily basis.
  • Eat right for your metabolic type.
  • Feed your cells with the correct fuel mix for good cellular health.
  • Exercise correctly without stressing your body.Get adequate sleep to allow for good repair and recovery, 10pm to 6am or better is ideal.

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Michelle Owen

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