SELF LOVE: A Great Journey

self love

The greatest journey we will ever undertake is the journey that leads us home to the love of ‘Self’.

We find it so much easier to love others, but to turn this beautiful energy onto, or into ourselves is never achieved for many of us.

Why is this? Is it a case of feeling unworthy of our own love, or is it difficult to give our love to ourselves because of conditioning from an early age as we were told that we were selfish or self centred if we gave ourselves to much attention.

I believe that most of us feel a deep sense of unworthiness, so from that place, giving love to ourselves is not an easy thing to do.

So often we feel like we let ourselves down, so often through feeling ‘unworthy’ we step back when given an opportunity to step forward in life, and so often our self talk is berating, belittling, filled with anger and regret towards ourselves, filled with guilt and doubt.

Is it any wonder we cannot even begin to know love for ourselves while carrying all this within us!

This is a changing world now, but the greatest change is happening within each of us as so many are willing to go on that ‘deep inner journey’ now and look at the parts of themselves that hold them back from knowing the love that is waiting to be realised.

We are in reality, beautiful ‘whole’ beings and this means that we are made up of every aspect and every emotion.

We are all of the shadow and all of the light and this plays out as aspects of us come up for acknowledgement, triggered by experiences around us in our everyday life.

As each aspect is felt by us and our awareness goes to this part asking for our love, it is in the acceptance of that part of ‘self’ that love begins to grow.

As we learn to monitor our thoughts, become aware of our feelings, and honour our emotions, we open to ourselves on a new level, and through this new awareness we know our thoughts and feelings as energy, and that energy is felt throughout our body.

So kind thoughts, loving thoughts, gentle thoughts, fill us with a lightness of being, while heavier, denser thoughts drag us down in the depths of the shadow within us.

To simplify this… we feel much better when we allow positive thoughts to move through our minds.

We learn that forgiveness and compassion for ourselves are deeply healing and bring us to a place of softness, and gentleness, while guilt and regret can hold us stuck in our life for a very long time.

We are ‘feeling’ beings, and so being fully aware of our feelings and knowing that this is our ‘inner guidance’ communicating with us, assists us hugely in moving in the right direction for our highest good in this life.

Since the earliest age we have been told by society and our peers, that we are mind driven beings, now we are realising that in truth we are heart centred beings and at our core we are beautiful beings of divine love.

So in coming to the knowing of this we are in actual fact coming home to ourselves as this energy of pure love.

‘Self Love’ is born from a deeply honouring place within. It asks us to put ourselves first and foremost in making all decisions.

It invites us to find the courage to speak and act from a place of personal truth. It encourages us to live our life with conscious awareness for ourself, others and for all life.

Self love arrives through kind and gentle thoughts and words to self, it builds upon itself through the commitment to bring into balance, the mind, body and spirit, by giving each level of us balanced focus and attention.

By committing to time out with ourselves, and filling this time by doing things that we love, we build a growing sense of deep inner connection, and as we allow ourselves to feel and reflect… we get to know ourselves from new perspectives.

Through this process we learn to let go of any feelings of guilt that may arise, as deep within there is a sense of self worth growing.

In fact, by learning to let go of any energy that no longer serves our greater good… doubt, guilt and regret being the leading three, and instead come from a place of acceptance for who we know ourselves to be right in the ‘now’ moment… we are on our way to becoming our own best friend.

I often say to my clients, “There is no one in this world that knows you like you do yourself. There is no one that is there for you like you are. There is no one else that can give you the courage, the joy, the peace,  that you can give to yourself… and it is found within as you open to yourself”.

Every thought we have and every word we say…. WE HEAR OURSELVES… And as I have mentioned, thoughts and words are energy and this energy floods through us, saturating every cell within our body.

By stepping back into the ‘observer’ we start really listening to ourselves, and through this awareness we gently begin to turn our conversations around to positive communications, and if we slip up now and again as we will do until we have broken habits of a lifetime, then this is an opportunity to show ourselves kindness, by not getting angry or frustrated, but treating our mind like a child and with utmost gentleness, turning our thoughts around again to positive thoughts.

It is the very same thing for our feelings and emotions.  By becoming aware of these and observing them when they arise, we are honouring ourselves. We are validating to ourselves that we do matter, matter very much indeed and every thought, feeling and emotion is worth our attention.

We often make our lives complex by fighting against what innately feels right, we fight against ourselves more often than we befriend ourselves.

That inner battle can be the toughest battle we fight in this life. Make it an intention that the fight is over, no more inner battling. From now on we are all about being loving towards ourselves.

We can make ’learning all about ourselves’ into a ‘project’… by making it a main focus in every moment. If we remember ourselves in an honourable way, our self worth will soar, because every time we consider ourselves, put ourselves first, be understanding and forgiving, make time for ourselves, we empower ourselves, we are telling ourselves that we matter, that we are worth it!

When ‘self love’ is evident the world takes on a beauty that was not seen before. It is as if we look at life through those ‘rose coloured’ glasses we have all heard about.

Our confidence is flowing, our smile is far more available, life feels like a gift as the feeling of joy is felt often, and peace has settled within our heart… and the best and most beautiful part of all is that we are intimate with love and this most beautiful of energies radiates from within us like a shining light, which is then felt by others who become curious as to what it is about us that looks and feels so glorious. We become a ‘shining’ example of love … ‘self love’!

The key to loving yourself is found through awareness, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, and patience, all beautiful qualities of Love!

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Janine Savient – The Heart Lady

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