Blowing Bubbles To Release Throat Energy

Throat Energy

How many times during the course of a day do you spend trying to pretend that you appear to be happy and enjoying life? How many times do you put on some kind of mask and hide behind it ?

How many times to you bite your tongue and choke the words back down your throat letting them remain in your mind?

Most people spend a large amount of time and energy putting on their “masks” to ensure that other people perceive them as happy and balanced.

We ‘paint’ on the face and ‘dress’ up the eyes. Unfortunately, the mind/thoughts are glossed over as they are not ‘seen’ by the world. The mind/thoughts are still filled with negative thoughts.

What happens is the throat chakra can become blocked or clogged up from not speaking truths. The brow chakra can become blocked or clogged as the thoughts remain within the mind.

The heart chakra can become blocked as the emotions are conflicting from the exterior to the interior. The solar plexus are affected as the power/energy is given away as we pretend to be something other than our own truth.

It goes on and on as each chakra center is affected simply by a person ‘faking it’.

Every person that you encounter in the course of the day is going to have a reaction to you, about you, and you will have a similar reaction towards them.

This interaction or exchange of energy can have a profound effect upon your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

All of these energy interactions start with your thoughts – your mind. If your thought forms are positive, an inner sense of beauty will emanate from your being.

If your thought forms are negative, discontent and irritability will emanate regardless of how we ‘dress’ up our face.

I have yet to meet a person who speaks their thoughts completely in every aspect of life at all times. Most will taper thoughts before speaking them. Consider the ripple effect of the words before sharing them.

This is prudent in most cases. We know words have power. That power can share love and compassion or cut like a knife injuring a person.

There are two separate areas of the throat chakra that need to be focused upon. The front side of the chakra relates to how communication from others is taken in and assimilated.

The back side of the chakra (located at the base of the neck) is related to the transmitting of the energy. It is how you sense yourself within society as you speak. The throat chakra is really about taking responsibility for your own personal needs.

The health of this chakra really is representative of how a person is able to receive what is coming at them and how they transmit back out to the world around them.

Each time that a ‘mask’ is put on to hide a person’s inner thoughts and reality; it causes further disruption to the flow of energy in and out of this chakra. Even with a ‘mask’ is worn, the energetic signature of what the real thought forms are is sent out.

So while a person can be speaking positive affirmations and sharing words of love, if the thought forms of the mind are really saying the opposite the energy signature being transmitted is causing serious harm to the person putting the ‘mask’ on.

So what is the solution? A person cannot speak all their thoughts as it may cause even more energetic harm to another yet if a person doesn’t receive and transmit from this chakra speaking thoughts it energetically harms themselves.

There are many options to this dilemma. Here are a few suggestions that although simplistic in nature, will work to keep a majority of the energetic dysfunction to a minimum.

Journal – something magical happens when pen is placed to paper. This journal, however, is vastly different than a typical journal. I recommend getting a small spiral notebook (3″x5″) and carry it with you.

When thoughts forms happen that cannot be spoken, write them in the notebook. Once written tear the paper out and destroy it.

If the paper is left in the notebook, most keep a firm grasp on the thought. By tearing the paper out of the notebook and destroying it, this enables the energy signature to be negated.

Blow Bubbles

As you blow bubbles, visualize each bubble as the thought form you are holding with in your mind. As the visualization happens, pop the bubble. Again this is negating the thought form making it void of the energy signature.

Find the cause – There is always an underlying cause behind every thought that a person has. Whether that thought form is based upon an old belief pattern or upon self-esteem issues, the cause needs to be uncovered in order to change the perception of the thoughts.

To do this, watch for the patterns of perceived negative thought forms.

If you are constantly becoming frustrated, delve into what else in your life at its core is frustrating you. Are you frustrated with where your life is going? Why? What is missing to make it fulfilled?

This can be a long process and painful to take a true unbiased inventory of your own self. However, it is worth the effort and pain to uncover the cause of the thought forms and being able to eliminate the cause.

These are simple techniques that can pay out immense dividends.

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Carla Goddard

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