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In the last fifty years consciousness has moved from heart to head. The information age comes at a big cost. Conscious humans now realize heart disease and heartlessness has run rampant worldwide.

The journey from your head back into the heart has begun already. Science has proven that the heart has its own brain. It can independently think and feel. It’s vibration is 100 times more powerful than the brain.

The pathway into your own heart as the new centre of consciousness will save your life and quite literally all of humanity. Your inward journey begins by building a container of energy and consciousness.

This includes grounding and meditation. The forthcoming tips will elaborate on both of these prerequisites for heart centered living.

Earth-ing & Presence

Earthing is a process that reconnects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to the earth and our environment. Just as a tree can be uprooted, so can a person be uprooted. Windstorms uproot trees and emotional storms uproot people.

Any activity or exercise that increases the feeling of being grounded and connected to the earth, also increases the charge of aliveness in the eyes.

You can affect the overall function of your eyes and become fully present by strengthening your feet and your legs contact with the ground.

Besides doing grounding exercises like Bioenergetics or certain yoga poses, you can ground yourself every day by walking barefoot on the grass and doing very specific exercises and breathwork.

The benefits of earthing and grounding include much greater focus and presence, physical strength, an enhanced immune system and the ability to stand your ground in any situation that life presents to you.

Bodywork & Your Deep Tissues

The healing touch of deep tissue bodywork and muscular release is the quickest and most reliable doorway to emotional and spiritual freedom. With a skilled practitioner, you will effectively open up the energy of life.

Although this therapy can be painful and physically challenging in the early stages, it will consistently improve the quality of your life. You will feel more alive, have more energy, become more present, grounded, focused and much more in touch with your inner life.

In the early stages, if this process is new to you, I suggest having at least 10 sessions on a weekly basis. Then reassess and determine if you have the right practitioner, if they are challenging you and the optimum frequency of sessions thereafter.

The benefits of bodywork will save your life. The process is ongoing and quite honestly a lifetime of exploration into energy and consciousness.

Quantum Field Meditation

Neuroscience has finally caught up to the profound truth that mystics from all cultures have been teaching us for centuries.

The power of meditation gives us an authentic capacity to observe who we are from a place of nonjudgmental truth.

Quantum physics teaches us that once we observe anything it must change. We move our subjective reality and experiences contained within a larger subjective universe and simply watch what is going on.

The miracle of personal change is simple. Whenever we authentically observe ourselves in a relaxed quiet state we can actually objectify our unconscious and subjective unwanted behaviors and patterns.

This creates effortless change and the ability to make new choices. Like anything valuable and precious in life – quantum field meditation is not mastered overnight.

If you stay with it over time, your powers of observation will become masterful as well as your ability to change whatever is not in truth.

To access the quantum field you must commit yourself to sit in a very quiet and relaxed day. Your brain waves will slow down the vibrancy of your auric field will get stronger.

You must have a pure intention to move beyond time and space, body and brain, your environment as well at your present circumstances. Then simply observe.

Whatever is in truth will get stronger. Whatever is not in truth will begin will begin to fall away. What more can you ask for?

The best thing about meditation is that once you learn it you can experience a lifetime of peace and the capacity to change. In addition, your inner life will nourish yourself and everyone you come in contact with. You can meditate anytime and anywhere.

Detachment From The Mind

It is always best to lay the foundations of any project or venture with a spiritual inner ground.

In other words the purity of your intention, the authenticity of your values and the passion behind your vision is an important foundation prior to laying out a business or organizational strategy and action plan.

Once this is in place you must be detached from the outcome. Anything you try to change outside yourself will make the situation worse. Make all changes within and let go of the outcome.

Once we place a forcing current in an effort to make things happen the creative flow of the universe immediately shuts down.

Make your intentions and vision crystal clear and then let go. Your detachment from the outcome is the most spiritual choice you can make in your entire lifetime.

The reason for this is that you demonstrate to the divine and to universal truth that you trust yourself in the flow of life and what your real contribution is meant to be.

Your mind will always play tricks on you. It will tell you that you always need to do more. That what you are doing is never enough.

Accordingly the mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Therefore it is much healthier to not attach yourself to the personal roller coaster of your own mind.

In summary become crystal clear on your intention, values and vision for your life. Then implement your long-term strategy and your short-term action plan.

Once this is in place be completely detach from the outcome and allow the truth to unfold. Letting go is the cornerstone of spiritual masters from every culture throughout history.

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Robert Kirby
Robert Kirby

Robert Kirby – Internationally Acclaimed Transformational Facilitator, Trainer and Teacher. Robert Kirby makes a difference in the world by helping you transform the relationship you have with yourself.

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