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What does being Uniquely You mean? What this means to me is that you can begin to go inside you and look at who is in there, start to adjust and grow as you expand, this is the you that has always been in there.

EMBRACE, EMBODY, and EXPAND YOU, as you truly are and present THAT you to the world. I believe that a lot of people live from the outside – in, meaning that they are influenced by their outside world and this makes up who they are on the inside.

It is time for a shift in this because we have everything inside us to SHINE our unique selves.

It is no good to try to fit into society or the mould that we may have believed that we should be, I believe in the saying ‘Be you, cause everyone else is taken’ this is amazing, it is the uniqueness that the world wants to see so SHINE Beautiful Beings.

I have a few stories to tell that give a bit more depth to what I have just written above.

I have always felt I was different and had tried to fit in, becoming someone that is liked but not my true self as when I did show this part of me I would be told to get back in my box, or I would notice how uncomfortable I would make others feel when I was shining so big and so I would shut myself down as to not upset them!!!!!

Wow even as I write this now I can not believe I did this. My lessons came in quick and fast once I decided to step into my power and I realised that if I wasn’t 110% me then I couldn’t stand in my power.

Some of the things that came up for me were that I am a spiritual being having a human experience, but I have struggled my entire life to be human and then to put this into context.

A friend was talking to me, I told her that I have found it so difficult to be human and she replied, well I think that you are an amazing human being.

It wasn’t what she said it was how she said it. I heard her like this, that I am a human BEING! That I am just here having this human experience so I am a human BEING. It was a frypan moment for me, I am here to just BE ME as we all are but I finally GOT IT!!

It has changed my world and now all I do is shine my unique self and if others react to that, I say to myself my job is done, I have handed them a gift and what they choose to do with it is up to them.

It is none of my business what others think of me. As long as I am living my truth and shining the love that I am, my life is so special.

I understand it is about taking responsibility for our lives, not living in blame, guilt and fear as we have done in the past, the shift is here and we can aim for the sky and raise our vibration into courage and beyond.

If we choose to take responsibility for ourselves, we create our world, everything and I mean everything in it. All your experiences and friends are all our creation.

Every person in your life you choose to be there and when you wrote the script you chose the characters and their parts and they said yes to those roles too.

Everyone in your life is a reflection for you to see where you are at and what you could focus on shifting, think about that when you are taking responsibility for your life.

If there is someone that you can’t stand, reflection, mirror mirror, it is you, they are showing you to you so listen and if you don’t like it shift it ASAP. It is as easy as that.

This is a big one to swallow as we love to blame others but that is all changing, it is our life, our creation, so what do you choose to be in that life knowing that???

I have found the biggest motivator to succeed is my WHY!! It must be huge, what do you want to achieve in this lifetime? Do you have that in your life now? So what has to change for that to come into existence? I have found specificity to be an amazing tool for this.

Be specific down to the colour of your clothes, the smell of the room and the exact model of care you will be driving. I have been shown an amazingly empowering process that has shifted my way of being.

So get a pen and paper and I tell you this…. If you had unlimited funds what would your day look like? This is where specificity is a MUST, what house do you live in, down to what suburb, what street, what number in that street!!!!

Your car, what make is it, model, colour, what is the interior like. If you don’t know find it, it might be a case of visiting the Car Dealership to know.

See what I mean about specificity, this is so important as you are telling the universe EXACTLY what you want in your life.

So give it a try and see how you go. Also do this with your WHY, what makes you get out of bed in the morning, if that doesn’t excite you then that is not your WHY it must be huge, to get you to power on, to keep you motivated and for you to know you will stop at nothing to achieve it.

The way I see it you can choose, force or you can choose power as a way to live your life. I choose POWER.

My journey has seen me in some tough positions. I so called had it all, the perfect family, I even had the white picket fence.

We experienced losing our home in Black Saturday wow did this rock my world, yes it did, but we realised that we were still alive and we can choose to live in sadness or get on with our lives and so we did.

Because we had been stripped back to nothing but ourselves I realised that I was looking at the raw me and I started my journey to ME and this lead to my divorce and my love affair with myself, finding who I am and expanding, and flowering into ME.

Don’t let your negative experiences label you, or define who you are. Yes they are a big kick up the bum to shift some stuff but they are a gift and the bigger they are the bigger your destiny is so celebrate that. I have been so proud of myself along the way.

I have two children and I know that they don’t learn by what we tell them, that they learn by example so I am living an empowered life as a single mum of two amazing and loving children that are mirroring who I am and realising that being different is a gift not a curse. I embrace my uniqueness and so must you.

If you are wanting to become more of your unique self, give me a call 0419 335 280. Sound Healing allows you to shift your perspective and see more of who you truly are, to experience your essence.

Nikola Tesla says “To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

SHINE ON BEAUTIFUL BEINGS, SO MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL. Sound is an amazing way to realign yourself with your full potential. Embrace, Embody, Expand. You have everything inside you to SHINE !!

Danielle Luck

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Danielle Luck
Danielle Luck
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