Walking The Road Of Cancer The Dreaded C Word!

Cancer the dreaded C word

CANCER… the dreaded C word…. YES I’VE HEARD IT, even in the same context as my name. When I was 22 years old, it was the scariest thing: I remember my specialist telling me, that I had Cervical Cancer.

I had gone to a GP on the Northern Beaches of Sydney for my routine pap smear, as I was feeling really tired and was bleeding intermittently. At 22 years of age, I was living it up and enjoying life, so my GP didn’t think there was anything to be alarmed by.

My smear came back normal. A month later I had lost a lot of weight, still bleeding and was 42 kilos, a walking skeleton. I could hardly put one foot in front of the other and lost my faith in my GP and asked my partner at the time to go to his doctor.

He was considered an ‘alternate therapist’ and a GP back then, not that I understood what that meant at that stage of my life. He knew I was drastically ill and took such care with me and took more swabs and tests.

After what appeared 48 hours later, I was given a specialist, had a biopsy and was in hospital.

The stormy day when specialists came into my room and told me that I needed to undergo surgery and have a hysterectomy so the cancer wouldn’t spread any further was a day I will remember and words I will never forget.

The words “you will never have children” still rings in my ears! Chemo would come after. My sense of womanliness and all things feminine were being challenged for me at such a young age.

By the time the information was given and the forms filled out, I felt the room spinning and I felt the most alone I have ever felt in my life. I had no family near me, as they were overseas but, within that silence of my hospital bed, I felt the superficialities of life come crashing down around me. I felt a…

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Cancer the dreaded C wordKaren Quant Master Teacher Interior Alignment® & Creator Boori Boori


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